Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hey there party people!  So glad to be back! 

Favorite Moments:
 Our embryo transfer was Monday and I'm feeling really good so far.  I went back to work yesterday since I was feeling well enough and I sit most of the day anyway.  Only a few short days until we can hopefully confirm a pregnancy! 

Just a little recap, we had 34 eggs retrieved, 21 fertilized, 7 made it to blastocyst, 1 was transferred, and 6 were frozen.  Also, shout out to my girl Beth & Beth & Harrison Slatery for the beautiful bouquet of flowers for me to look at while on bed rest! You rock girlfriend! Love you lots!

Also, I got my first ever Ipsy bag this week and I love it!  So glad I splurged and spent the TEN DOLLARS it costs for this adorable bag & all of the contents!  

Favorite  Pin:
similar here (but not quite the same)

Favorite Bed Rest Activities:
watching Hemlock Grove

drinking massive amounts of smartwater & reacting to Hemlock Grove

snacking all day while drinking water & watching Hemlock Grove. I ate good snacks though...

Other Honorable Mentions Watched:
What About Bob, a classic

& The Grand Budapest Hotel, if you've seen any other of Wes Anderson's movies like The Royal Tenenbaums or Moorise Kingdom, then you'll appreciate his latest flick.

Favorite Find for the House: 
This is my newest category for my Friday Faves.  These will pop up every now & then as we start purchasing items for the house...
imagine this vanity... (we will have this custom made into a 60" vanity rather than 48")

with 2 of these vessel sinks...

Favorite Funnies:

Happy Friday Fab Friends!


  1. My fingers are crossed you'll be getting good news soon!! :) And I love that maxi, absolutely gorgeous! That Decpticons quote literally made me LOL! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Can I please just let the Conan gif run on my computer all day today!? He seriously cracks me up. Why can't I EVER get a USB to plug in the first try!?
    I keep checking your blog for some sort of emby update! I can't wait for some confirmation! Hang in there!

  3. oh all of my fingers and toes are crossed for you my dear. that maxi is gorgeous, i hate when i find a pin and cant find the exact item.

  4. Aww the dog shaming LOL!
    I really love that maxi dress, and I have my fingers crossed for you!!!

  5. I had my ET this past Monday :) as well with a pregnancy test scheduled for 7/23/14. I transferred 2 and have 5 left that are frozen. Your story seems very similar to mines. I have had some mild cramping on and off and no spotting. Trying to stay positive as much as I can. Wishing you the best.

  6. Sending you all the positive vibes for those test results!!! Love Love Love the maxi!

  7. Happy Friday! Yay for the transfer! Looking forward to hearing the "official" exciting news soon! That vanity is so neat! Love it!

  8. Cracking up at the spider convo, oh if only! I'd tell them to stay out of my bed and we'd always be cool. That puppy, aw poor little guy! You know I'm an Ipsy fan, totally worth the $10 each month :)

  9. Wishing you lots of luck!! Love the vanity!!!!! Will it be the same color/stain wood?

  10. Elena, your "funny" pictures are the best!!! I got the best laugh, especially about the USB cord. WHO GET IT'S ON THE FIRST TRY?!?!??! You definitely did get a good Ipsy bag this month, I am jealous you got the hot pink lipstick. Such a steal for 10 bucks.

    I am praying HARD That you will get that confirmation. I know it's going to happen. Love u girl!

  11. Glad to hear you are recovering well. Also looking forward to confirmation of pregnancy for you soon! xoxo

  12. Happy Friday! I can't wait to hear your news and see your BFP.

  13. Yeah!!!!!! Sending you lot's of love and positive vibes girl! Those! I mean seriously if we could just talk to spiders and tell them to not be so creepy I think it would totally make a huge difference right? Hope you have a fab weekend girl! xoxoxo


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