Thursday, November 06, 2014

Wardrobe Resolution Month 2 = EPIC FAIL

You guys, as a writer it is my job to be brutally honest with my readers and with that I must say that I failed a bit miserably this month!  Only 4 days in to October I caved and bought myself a pair of booties from Target.  I won't go over all the ways that I justified the purchase to myself, I'll just chalk it up to the fact that I gave in to my impulses more than once.  Are they adorable?  Absolutely!  Have I worn them practically every day?  You betcha! But that still doesn't mean that I needed to buy them.

Purchase #2...Everyone in the blogosphere knows of Little Baby Garvin and if you don't then you've been living under a blogging rock!  You know how fabulous her chalk art is, well not only did she draw the cutest, most Hocus Pocus-y, Halloween print, but she collaborated with an awesome Etsy Shop and came out with this adorable off the shoulder, gold foil, sweatshirt to be shipped just in time for Halloween!  I didn't even flinch or blink twice when I added it to my cart & let PayPal do its job!
Purchase #3...Here's where I started feeling really guilty.  I have been on the hunt for a wool, hooded, winter coat for a few years.  I have a fabulous puffer coat from Victoria's Secret, but the wool coat that I am wearing is old and in pretty bad shape.  I somehow ended up on Macy's website and almost bought a $230 Calvin Klein hooded coat, but I decided against it and ended up with the Laundry by Design for only $159.  I'm glad that I didn't end up with the splurge purchase because, as fabulous as that coat is, I didn't need to spend that much on a coat.  It's not that we don't have the money for these types of things, it's just the fact that I don't need them so I really shouldn't be buying them.  I need to remind myself of the saying that I'm trying to live by, "memories over materials" and this month I totally blew it! 
CK on the left, Laundry by Design on the right

So, after spending the money on the coat I decided to take the pile of clothes and a couple of older coats to the homeless shelter to donate to their store.  I refuse to bring things to Goodwill because they charge ridiculous prices for their clothes so I always donate to more locally owned places like the hospital underseller or our local PADS (homeless) shelter.  My original plan for the clothes was to take them to a consignment shop so that I could make some money back off of them, but donating them instead was my way of making up for my purchases this month.

After I blew it on these first few purchases the rest of the month was a total wash.  I ended up with 2 pairs of jeans, 2 scarves, and a couple shirts from Old Navy.  EPIC FAIL is the only way to describe this month in terms of my spending.

Although this month was a total failure, I am still feeling good about my spending habits.  I have definitely made some major improvements on my habits, but clearly have a long way to go.  I praise the ladies who have made a commitment to a year of the Wardrobe Resolution because they are just rock stars that I am no where near being yet.


  1. At least you bought things that you'll get good use out of! It's not like you bought something that you'll wear once and then never pull out of the closet again. That to me is a good spend then! I'm definitely trying to save more this month since the holidays are coming up... we'll see how that goes! Eek!

    <3, Pamela

  2. You will find no judgement here :) everything you bought is super cute and if it makes you happy that's all that matters! You deserve a little happiness and pampering in your life ♥

  3. oh my word...girl, you have no idea. I am such a bad spender, especially on my days off. i go to stores because i have nothing to do, and purchase stuff i REALLY dont need! I have a problem!

  4. You bought things that your definitely going to use. So don't feel guilty at all. We can't never hang out I shop every weekend at least one item lol. Enjoy them you totally deserve it.

  5. Sometimes you just need a little retail therapy, and look at it this way, there are definitely people out there who need less than you and are buying more than you - good justification, can you tell I've told myself that before! That coat is awesome, great add!

  6. I think you made smart purchases. Just 3 things? that's not failing miserably ;) love that coat though, now i want one!

  7. Don't worry downfall is Zappos. Because of their fast and free shipping, I end up buying hundreds of dollars worth of boots at once so I can try on them all and (hopefully) return most!
    I don't know why, but hitting 31 this year made me realize one major thing with shopping: Don't skimp on the staples. I KNOW I need a good winter coat and I KNOW I need a durable purse and I KNOW I need good winter boots, so why not pay a little extra on those things so make them last longer and keep me warmer and still fashionable? If you wear them every day or most days, I say it's worth it!
    Plus, you might as well splurge on YOU before baby comes. At least, that's how I see it :)

  8. I think you did great! haha I mean #1 and #2 for the win!! ;) ;)

  9. hahaha! You crack me up! Epic fail in the BEST way possible! What great finds! I don't think I could have passed them up either! I've been on the hunt for a jacket too but it's soooo hard not to buy one when I see it! Those booties are perfect too btw! Here's next month! Haha! ;)

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