Sunday, March 05, 2017

Nursery Tour

Putting Georgia's nursery together was one of my absolute favorite parts of this journey.  I have always envisioned what my babies nursery would be and I'll be honest, Georgia's turned out a little differently then I had ever planned, but I am so in love with every detail! Some of the pictures below are from our maternity session so the quality is 100% better than the ones that I've taken myself.  I am very amateur with my SLR camera still so bare with my photos please & thank you!  I tried to site as many sources as I could at the bottom.

The things I've gotten the most questions and compliments on are definitely the area rug , the cactus lamp, and the activity gym!  Lots of these pieces were also hand/custom made either as gifts or as items I just really had to have.  The wood slice is one of my favorite pieces.  I actually ended up getting one for Joe's parents for Christmas & one for my donor as a housewarming gift when they moved into their new home.  Great prices, and you cannot go wrong with personalized, handmade pieces.  The turquoise and peach dreamcatcher was also handmade and gifted to us by a friend and she totally nailed it & the colors!I 

I wanted a way to be able to display all the bows and headbands that she will certainly be wearing every day so I thought a jewelry tree would be cute.  I had a different one in mind (a bigger one that I actually have for my own jewelry that is 3 arrows) but I found this smaller gold one at the Dollar Spot at Target and it worked perfectly.  My friends also made me the Georgia arrow bow holder and handmade some of the bows for me for a shower gift!

The cactus lamp was one of the very first things I purchased once we found out it was a girl. There are 3 or 4 versions of that lamp and the mint and pink one happened to be my favorite so once we knew it was a girl I ordered it like the next day!  One of my favorite pieces and it happens to be made out of plastic so it's safe when she starts to get her hands on everything. 

Once we got our maternity pictures back I decided to put a few up around the nursery along with a picture of Amy and I and a picture of baby girl the day she was transferred, not many people can say that they have a picture of themselves as an embryo!  I hope that we can use both of those pictures to teach baby girl about her roots, how hard we worked to conceive her, and what an extraordinary gift that was given to us by Amy.  It's important to us that being a donor egg baby is just second nature to her and we want to start introducing her to that part of her life early on.  I figure having a picture of Amy for her to look at every day is a really great way to start.   


  1. Absolutely, loving your beautiful nursery for sweet Georgia! I love all of the arrows and the dream catcher! Congratulations again, she is beautiful!!

  2. Absolutely, loving your beautiful nursery for sweet Georgia! I love all of the arrows and the dream catcher! Congratulations again, she is beautiful!!

  3. Stunning! Look at all of those headbands - so much fun!
    Congrats on your little miracle!

  4. Probably one of the prettiest nursery's I've ever seen! You did a great job putting it together. I just love all the personal touches!

  5. Beautiful nursery. That blanket and rug are so pretty!


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