Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

One.  Paper Straws
I found some really great paper straws on Etsy at HeathersBlankets & immediately ordered them to put in my freshly painted mason jars.  I picked particularly festive fall prints & I’m so glad I did.  They look adorable.  Can’t wait to buy red and green for Christmas!

love the birch & the grey stripped.  oh, and the hammered copper spray paint!

Two.  Fall TV
I mentioned in my previous post about being excited for SOA and Walking Dead, and then the next day after watching my new addiction on FX, The Bridge, I saw a preview for American Horror Story Coven, the 3rd season.  What I love about this show is that the story changes each season.  Season one was about a haunted house, season two was about an insane asylum.  The Bridge is also totally worth checking out.  We are totally obsessed with FX shows.  Currently on the DVR, The Bridge & Wilfred, but we also love Justified, SOA, Archer & the League (slated to start September 4th!).

looks creepy!

Three.  Cheesy Grilled Pizza Sandwich via Our Best Bites
This sandwich is hands down one of the best sandwiches I've had in awhile & it's perfect fall food.  So easy to make, the husband loved them, I think he had three of them.  I ended up making them in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes then broiled each side for about 3 minutes.  I don't have a panini maker so I thought the oven would be best.  I used olive oil rather than butter to brush on the bread first too.  Totally obsessed with this recipe!

pure heaven

Four.  Wedding Weekend
This weekend we are traveling on the bike to Bloomington Minnesota for a wedding.  Really looking forward to the bike trip, the wedding, & possible brewery detour on the way home in New Glarus. Hooray for weddings & hooray for bike trips!

One of my friends and co-worker told me about this site a couple of months ago.  On Wednesday at work I was looking at my tan, slouchy boots, & they looked pitiful. All of the tan vinyl was peeling off, seriously, I don't think a bum would pick them out of the garbage at this point.  So I remembered & found a great new pair of tan boots for a totally reasonable price, $46!  The site itself is pretty overwhelming, there is a serious multitude of boots, but if you're looking for something specific, it's got all kinds of filters so you can narrow down your search.  Here's what I picked!
can't wait to rock these babies!

Have a great weekend lovelies!


  1. Hubs and I can't wait for sons of anarchy to start again!

    1. Have you seen the teaser commercial? It's funny they're all fighting each other. Can't wait for it to start! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. stopin' by from the link-up! Those birch straws are so cute, I think I might need some for Fall. And that sandwich looks DELISH, I love anything pizza!

  3. My husband and I are both pizza lovers, I don't know many people that aren't, so I knew those would be a hit, and they're soooo easy! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Bloomington, MN is 10 min from my house! If you want to meet up before you head back to IL I'm free all weekend :) Have fun!

    1. awe man I wish I would've seen this quote! I totally would've met up with you, I'm literally seeing this for the first time!


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