Monday, December 16, 2013

DSC - The Gifted Man

Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are guys. Clothes, alcohol, tools, that’s all fine, but those types of gifts are usually expected. One of my all-time favorite gifts that I’ve given that isn’t awful (or expected) is a Dollar Shave Club membership. It’s seriously one of the most convenient, affordable services we have ever received; I’ve even been using it the last few months. If you’re currently a member then you know how awesome their products are and how funny their packages are. They always include a bit of humor in each one, they really know their stuff when it comes to guys and what they like.  My guy shaves his head on a regular basis so this membership is definitely worth the $9 a month that I spend on it.  We never run out of razors, & they're delivered directly to your house so you never have to worry about buying them at the store again.  Packages start at $1 and go up to $9.  I picked the $9 membership simply because of the amount of times my husband (and now me) use a razor each week.  

This year the crafty folks at DSC polled their members & came up with this infographic for their blog about gift giving with a bit of a humorous take. A great tool to refer to (or share with those not-so-great gift givers) when looking for a gift for our guys. I don’t know anyone who has given a relationship-ending gift, but apparently, they’re out there!


Looks like grandma & grandpa are the reigning "worst" gift givers out there, sorry guys!!  Although, when it comes to grandparents, they always get an "A" for effort!

I'd like to thank Dollar Shave Club for contacting me about this awesome twist on holiday gift giving for guys.  Be sure to check out their blog and their website if you're interested in a membership!

I was contacted by Dollar Shave Club about The Gifted Man infographic, but the content of this post was not sponsored, all opinions are mine.  


  1. I always wondered if the dollar shave club was worth it. So it is? Hubs is always stealing my razors even though I buy him his own! And those things are so darn expensive.

  2. Ryan hates, hates, hates paying for razors all the time. He's even gone so far as to ask me to buy him a single, straight-edge razor - like the old-timey kit - because he hates it that much haha I'll definitely have to look into DSC ;)


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