Tuesday, December 03, 2013

These are a few of my Favorite Things - Gifts Under $100!

I'm linking up with Cheers Y'all  and Down with the Dearmores for this fabulous Christmas Link Up!

One of my go-to gifts are gift baskets.  There are so many ways to personalize them & make them fun & keep them under the $100 mark! 

For Dad (or any guy who loves to grill):
Try a BBQ’ing basket.  Different types of BBQ and hot sauces, a fun apron, some nice grilling tools, a six-pack of his favorite beer, & a rack of ribs is perfect for the guys who love to grill!  Throw some of their favorite candy or trail mixes in for some filler if needed.  I like using a tin or red pail or bucket of some type that they can use for other things!
For Mom (or anyone who loves wine & pasta, uh everyone?!):
My mom is a BIG wine fan & just went to Italy a last year & has been really into pasta.  Find a nice stainless steel colander and fill it with funky patterned pasta, there’s an entire store in Galena called Pasta Perfetta full of different colored & shaped pasta, one of my favorite stops when we go!  I've also seen some at Marshalls!  An Italian Cuisine cookbook, a few bottles of her favorite wines, wine pearls, wine wipes, maybe even a Vino2Go, and some canned sauces to finish it off.  Any wine or pasta lover is guaranteed to love it!

For your Girlfriends:
This one is probably the easiest that I can think of.  Try a cute basket or even a make-up bag or monogrammed utility tote from ThirtyOne.  You can fill it with things like Essie’s Holiday Collection nail polish, other products that she loves like travel size hairsprays or body sprays.  A fun candle, her favorite candy, a movie, a bottle of wine or a Izze drink, a lip gloss or two, a Coldstone giftcard, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to our girlfriends & can be easily kept under the $100 mark.

gifts for girlfriends

For the Guys:
Joe is so easy to shop for I never have a hard time with him.  I cannot wait to give him his gift this year, once Christmas is over I will share, I promise!!  What I am about to share is not what I got Joe, unfortunatley, I found this site after I ordered his present, but no doubt will I use it in the future.  Man Crates are these amazing different packages, most under $100, that contain different items specifically for men... everything from the survivalist to the beer lover, the carnivore to the athlete they are the perfect gift for guys.  They even come with a crowbar to open the crate!!   Seriously ladies, if you are still in search for a gift for the man in you life, check this site out!

New Dad Tactical Bag, Gone Fishin' Crate, Zombie Survival Crate all under $100!

For the person who has it all:
The person I hate shopping for the most is this person, the one who has everything!!  So tough sometimes.  Go for items like a free Red Box rental or a movie theater pass, a pack of playing cards or other fun card games like Spot It! Candy, some snacks, some coffee & possibly a fun coffee cup like this one from Pier 1 will easily amuse.  Funky socks are easy to find this time of year too!  How about a Portable Iphone Charger or an Emergency Clown Nose?  I’m willing to bet the person who has “everything” DOES NOT have an Emergency Clown Nose.  The best part about shopping for the person who has everything is you can always give them silly, fun, off the wall things to brighten their day.  Think of things that people use on a daily basis, but also things no one has ever heard of thought of like these Toast Coasters

gifts for the one who has it all

Pier 1 Imports drinkware / Crew socks / PORTABLE IPHONE CHARGER / TOAST COASTERS / Blue Orange Games Spot it! Numbers & Shapes - Free Shipping / EMERGENCY CLOWN NOSE | Red Clown Nose | UncommonGoods

Want to extend a thank you to Elise @ Cheers Y'all and Jen @ Down with the Dearmores for hosting this amazingly fun & festive Christmas link-up!! It's been fun ladies, thanks again!! Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Once again you totally nailed these lists! I love allllll of this! Emergency Clown Nose?! Awesome.

  2. LOVE The Heat! And how cute are those wine accessories? Great list!

    1. Yes wine accessories are great gifts for practically anyone!! Thanks for stopping!

  3. I love all of your lists!! Great ideas! I'm especially loving the man crate idea!!

  4. Haha, the emergency clown nose is prettyyy awesome! Love it! Happy to be your newest follower!


    1. Isn't it a riot!! Appreciate you stopping by and following along!

  5. You are the sweetest! You are welcome!!! Thank you for being a part of what made this linkup so fun and festive and merry!!!!! Loving your lists today...especially the apron for dad...HILARIOUS! Perfection! Cheers to a fun filled linkup, girlfriend! xx

  6. I love the gift basket idea! I hadn't thought if this before but I will definitely be using some of these ideas for Christmas and special occasions in the future! Thanks girl!

    1. They're just so versatile that's why I love them, thanks for stopping, happy holidays!!!!

  7. Cocrkcicles are so abu! I always sneak one in as a house warming as well with a bottle of wine!

    1. I don't have one but I'm hoping for one in my stocking!!

  8. Love love love the fun monkey mug at the end! And I want a corkcicle too - for those times that the cold bottle isn't enough ;-)

  9. I totally need a car caddy! I always said my car wouldn't turn into a mom car (mess filled with toys, food, etc) but it has. That bag could hide a lot!

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