Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday - Thankful Edition

Hope everyone had a fabulous & happy Thanksgiving!!  I decided to make my Friday five about what I am thankful for!

One. Family & Friends
I have so much to be thankful for this year. First and foremost my amazing husband, family, friends, and of course, Frankie.  I am sooo lucky to have such a close family & group of friends.  This year we got to spend a good amount of time at all three places that we were invited to for Thanksgiving, and me and my 3 J's are all getting together today for lunch and I cant wait to reunite with all of us together again.  Its very rare that we are all home & able to get together anymore, such a blessing.  I am so thankful for my supportive husband, who has been so wonderful on this journey that we have been on trying to get pregnant. He is truly my best friend & our relationship is built on a very strong foundation that has only gotten stronger over these last few months.

my little fam!

Two.  Health & Health Insurance
Being happy & healthy is such a blessing.  I have no real medical problems, even after our accident I have minimal pain & I'm so lucky for that.  Very thankful to the doctors and physical therapists who helped me recover.  Health insurance is a huge topic right now & even if my rates go up because I'm healthy, I really don't care. I've reaped the benefits of great insurance many times over the last couple years. Between the surgery that I just had to the knee surgery I had a year and a half ago.  I will pay what I have to because I've needed it so many times.

5 broken bones (2 metatarsals in the foot, 1 in the ankle, tibial plateau in my knee, & my hip), 2 screws
and a whole ton of physical therapy later, I'm better!

Three.  Modern Medicine
This kind of goes along with health, but never have I been so thankful as I am today for the advances in modern medicine in regards to fertility.  It's so amazing what they can do these days & I'm so grateful for my awesome doctor & his team.  They've been so awesome throughout this entire process & I can't thank them enough.  I'm sure I will one day be even more thankful to them in the future!

Four.  The things I take for Granted Every Day
From the extras like cable & internet, satellite radio, a nice car, a motorcycle, all of those extras, to the basics like heat, electricity, running water, & food on the table.  There are people all over the world, even in our own community who don't have these things & my heart breaks for them.  I can't imagine what it's like to be hungry & not have food to eat or to be cold & not have a warm place to go.  Joe and I are both very lucky to have good jobs that help us live the life that we live today.

Five.  The Little Things
My bed, my dog, getting a massage, nail polish, taking a ride on the bike, jamming to my favorite songs, sunsets, sunrises, the millions of stars we get to see out at our property, my closet full of clothes, my favorite pair of jeans, the little things in life that make us a tad bit happier when we really think about them. I'm very thankful for those things too... thanks to this article below for helping me reflect on what we really have in life & why we should cherish & be thankful for it.

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