Friday, November 08, 2013

five on friday!

One.  Being Thankful
November is all about being thankful.  Some people share something they're thankful for every day on Facebook, but I've been trying to just think of something & reflecting on it for a couple of minutes & keeping it to myself.  We have a lot to be thankful for, mainly our family, friends, health, & jobs, but there are many small things that we take for granted every day that we should be thankful for.  This month at work I decided to take up a donation for two families who have children who attend Lighted Way a local school for children with very highly specialized needs that can't be met in the public school system.  One family has six kids who are all special needs, one of which attends Lighted Way. & neither of the parents work.  The other family is a single mom with two children, one who attends Lighted Way.  I'm taking a collection of money, clothes, & promised them a turkey dinner for each family for Christmas.  It feels amazing to be able to contribute to families in our local community.  We all know people who have lost jobs and haven't been able to find new ones, it doesn't mean that they aren't hard workers, it's a reflection of the demise of our society & I really want to help these families out as much as I can.  

Two. Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato K-Cups
These new K-cups my co-worker found are sooo yummy.  I'm a big coffee fan, especially flavored, as you can probably tell by my past posts about different flavored K-cups.  This one has been a great new fall flavor. Pumpkin Spice is definitely another flavor, but now that we're into November, pumpkin is on it's way out to make way for the Christmas flavors so this Caramel Macchiato has been a nice change up.

Three.  Nothin' to do Weekend
So excited to have no plans or commitments this weekend!  The last two weekends have been awesome between Galena and Las Vegas but we need to tighten our proverbial belts for a couple weekends after what we spent in Vegas and Joe wants to get out to the property to start working on getting the last of what he needs to clear so we can start laying out where our house is going to go!  More exciting things coming up for us.  

Four. Eric Church
If you have been listening to any country radio, local or satellite, then you've probably heard his new song, The Outsiders.  It's awesome.  It's more rock than country & it definitely gets me going.  I'm so excited for his new album to come out on February 11th, that is soooo far away!  I've seen Eric Church in concert 3 times and he has blown me away every time.  He is probably the best performer I've ever seen because he just LOVES what he does & get's crazy on stage.  Plus, he's not bad on the eyes at all either.

Five.  Grandma's Treasures
My grandma passed away a little over a month ago & I'm still getting some of her things cleaned up and moved over to my house.  For small items I got a gorgeous crystal decanter & a Lord Doulton pirate mug, the mug has always reminded me of my grandma, she has had them since I can remember & they always lived on the same shelf.  I also got my grandma's hutch & all of her dishes from The Friendly Village collection. Very vintage & perfect for the holidays!  Some other special things I received from her at her request were paintings done by my great-grandma Zurita.  I repainted the frames white & I can't wait to hang these up.  I love the shabby-chic look of the flower paintings & that's my theme for our main bathroom when we build our house.  The winter farmhouse is also one of those things that has always reminded me of my grandma's house.  I'm not sure if this will have a permanent home or just be up for the holidays, but I love it nonetheless. Thank you grandma for being so selective with your items, it means a lot to me!  Miss you!

farm house


Happy Weekend Friends!!


  1. bless! gramdma's treausres are the best. those pics made me smile! :)
    have the best relaxing weekend, lovely!!!! xx

    1. Thank you, yes they are very special mementos to have, very excited to finally have them. Happy weekend doll. Thanks for stopping! :-)


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