Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

One. The Appointment
I figured I would roll the details of our appointment in with my Friday favorites because it is the most important thing to happen to me, not just this week, but of my entire life pretty much.  Monday we had an ultrasound, Dr. G said that I had a really nice follicle & that we would schedule the IUI for Wednesday to give it a chance to grow just a bit more.  That night we went home, and relaxed, woke up at midnight & Joe gave me the hormone injection, it wasn't bad, but I'm glad that he was the one doing it rather than me.  Not sure I could've brought myself to do it.  Wednesday we headed back down to P-town & had the procedure done.  It only took a couple of minutes, & the pain was minor.  Now we have to wait a couple of weeks before we go to the hospital to get pregnancy test done via blood draw.  Fingers, toes, legs, crossed.  Hands folded, eyes closed, baby dust sprinkled, rabbits foot rubbed, etc!! 

adorable baby dust made & photographed by Jess Bigley|Bigley Photography

Two. Merry Christmas (present) to me!
I've been eyeing up this Torrance Dining Collection from Pier 1 for a couple months now.  I love the bench style seating & the mahogany finish.  I pinned it a few months ago & decided just to peek at it again last weekend.  I noticed that it happened to be on a pretty decent sale so I mentioned it to Joe.  He said... "go ahead and order it"... and I immediately did... while we were out to dinner, I was so excited.  Wednesday when we got home from Peoria the benches were waiting for us on our back porch & the table & two chairs will be ready for pick up today!  I decided on two benches and two chairs rather than just the one bench and five chairs.  We are planning on going to Joliet on Sunday to pick it up.  I can't wait to see it all put together. I also signed up for the Pier 1 card and my purchase has already earned me $30 and 20% off so I'm going to treat myself to a new centerpiece when we go to pick it up!

I could only find this tiny picture of the set together, but I will take a picture of
mine once it's all set up!

Three.  New Movies
Over the last couple days we've watched The Conjuring, The Heat, Olympus has Fallen, & Man of Steel and have been happy with ALL of them.  We try to watch as many movies as possible, between Netflix and Cinema Now on our PS3 we love being able to rent/watch movies so easily & quickly.  If anyone's looking for something new to watch, all of these are good!!  There's some serious eye candy in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is gorg! The Heat is just plain funny, Olympus has Fallen is a nail biter, & The Conjuring will give you nightmares!  

Four.  Holiday Scentsy's 
My all-time favorite smell at Christmas is fresh pine.  Once I let Joe we decided to get a real tree, I was most excited about the smell the Fraser Fur would bring to the house, & I maximized it with the Festival of Trees (I believe replaced by Fresh Pine), my house smelled like a winter forest all season!!  This Christmas I'm trying Cozy Fireside & Christmas Cottage (along with Fresh Pine).  I also love Silver Bells, Eskimo Kiss, & Winter Snowberry!! Seriously could change the scent about once a week during Christmas!!  My wonderful Scentsy girl Ashley reminded me of the 6 for $25 deal so you really get one scent for free, totally worth it!!  I also decided on Newborn Nursery (maybe some kind of good luck charm??) Black Raspberry Vanilla, & Bora Bora Blossom for a few new ones all of which I use in my Whoot Warmer.  What are your favorite holiday scents?

Five.  Decking the Halls
Yes, a week from today I can officially begin decorating for Christmas.  Joe is pretty strict about no Christmas ANYTHING until after Thanksgiving, but literally the night of Thanksgiving we pop in Christmas Vacation for the 1st time of the year to kick off the season of giving & pop open a bottle of champagne for mimosas.  On black Friday I pretty much refuse to go anywhere close to town so I spend the day inside decorating, watching Christmas movies like Elf, White Christmas, Fred Claus, Home Alone, & The Family Stone.  Saturday or Sunday depending on Joe's work schedule we will go to cut down our tree.  So excited to deck the halls!!   


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  2. Baby dust...too cute for words!! Crossing my fingers for you on #1!!

  3. First time visiting and I just sent up a prayer that you will have a sweet little baby growing in there full of health, life and joy! Cute dining set, we just eliminated our table and installed a whole new kitchen so I'm on a search for bar stools I like. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayer!! Appreciate all we can get!!

      Pier 1 has some awesome sales right now, check for bar stools there!! Believe it's 20% off right now too!!

  4. just said a prayer for baby ridley!!!!! lifting your fam up girl! with love and happy thoughts and baby dust ;)

  5. Prayers!!! -such a cute post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Finger crossed for you girl! Love that you ordered the dining set at dinner. Whenever my husband says those magical words "go ahead and order it" I make sure to do so right away! No take backs!


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