Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Weekend According to Instagram

I had a weekend full of photos, if you follow me on IG (@lenaridley) you would see that I was kind of a serial picture poster.

It started Friday afternoon with this picture of my wishbone necklace, which if you've been reading along (read original post here) you would know that this is a Good Luck Fertility necklace that was given to me by a sweet friend of ours & her boyfriend. I’ve been wearing it since the IUI procedure for a boost of luck!! Hope it pulls through for us!

what a sweet little face he has <3

Saturday morning started with snuggles with my little sweet potato Frankie. Joe had to work so I was up at the butt crack of dawn (5:45) and wasn't really able to go back to sleep so we went from the bed to the couch & relaxed & watched TV for a few hours in the morning before my mom picked me up for our normal Saturday routine of grocery shopping & lunch.

seriously how awesome are these pillows!?

We decided to hit Target to get stocking stuffer shopping done & of course Target came through again as always in their dollar section with some adorable Christmas decorum. These pillows were $3 and the signs were $1. So cute, can’t wait to decorate on Friday!

so in love with this sweater in mint!

Saturday night we went out with some friends for dinner then came back to our house for a couple rounds of Liars Dice. I got my mint version of the Emily Maynard sweater in the mail this week from Apricot Lane. I ordered it back in August so I was pretty pumped when it came in this week. So in love with it, it’s so warm & comfortable, I wore it with leggings and I seriously felt like I was pajamas with a cozy robe on.

so much truth to this statement!

Sunday morning I found this perfect quote for what’s been going on in life as of late. Things have never really come easy for me or Joe, it seems like we constantly have a streak of bad luck, or an obstacle in the way of whatever it is that we’re trying to achieve, but I swear it has made us so much stronger in the long run.  Now we're just counting down the days!!


While perusing the interwebs Sunday morning & catching up on the DVR I sipped Glazed Chocolate Donut coffee out of my adorable new Cantina Mugs from CB2 (thanks to Stephanie @ Newlyweds North for sharing these on her blog last week). They’re so cute & only about $4 a cup! I had to have them!

LOVE my new table!! 

And last but not least, what I waited all weekend for, my BRAND NEW dining room table! It’s so perfect & gorgeous! It’s one of our only pieces of furniture that isn't a handmedown or something that we grew up with. I consider it to be our first official piece of nice furniture for our future home. We took a quick trip up to Pier 1 in Joliet to pick it up, I also bought those amazing mercury glass candle sticks that I’m using for a center piece. I can’t wait to add some fresh greens from the tree farm this weekend. Definitely need a table runner of some sort too.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I was at target this weekend and looked for those pillows after seeing them on your Instagram, I was so bummed that our target doesn't have them :( I was also wondering which size of kitchenaid you have? I've been wanting the 5 qt forever, but Tyler is trying to talk me into the 4.5 qt since it's cheaper. I just don't want to settle for one that might be just a tad too small just because it's cheaper.

    1. I have the 5 quart... To me on something like that it's go big or go home, you're already making a small investment on it you might as well get the biggest one! You'll love it!! I'm sure the 4.5 would probably suffice, but I'd keep working on him if I were you! ;-)

  2. totally wanting to snag those pillows from the dollar section! what a steal at $3! LOVE IT! and i love that you and your mama have that saturday lovely! xx

    1. I couldn't believe it either! Normally pillows are so expensive, I couldn't pass these up!


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