Friday, November 15, 2013

five on friday

One. The Biggest Week of Our Lives
This week coming up is going to be huge.  I've been on a hormonal roller coaster ride for over a month now between being on the pill, then off the pill, then on Clomid, my body is probably thoroughly confused. Monday we head back down to Peoria for an ultrasound, if everything looks good, we will have the IUI procedure done.  I have a lot of faith, & a good feeling that this will work for us!  I know that I need to probably prepare myself for a let down too, but I'm so used to that let down feeling already, I consider myself an expert.  If the procedure does work, it will be the best gift we could ever ask for!  Nerves are definitely kicking in, but I'm planning to enjoy myself this weekend, relax, & let be what is meant to be.  

all the meds, and yes, that's an injection that I have to self-administer.. yikes!

fingers crossed!

Two.  Pravana Organic Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner
I just started using this stuff this last week & so far I love it.  I've been using sulfate free shampoo for a couple of years now.  I've always used the L'Oreal brand which has worked wonders on my hair, but decided to try this salon quality brand that my bestie Jen has been using on my hair the last few times I've had it done.  I'm using the Keratin Infusion Shampoo & the Hydrating Conditioner.  I highly recommend these to really anyone, but especially people with hair that damages easily.  Mine is so thin & breaks off pretty easily, over the last few years I've started taking the best care of it that I can using coconut & argon oil treatments, blow drying with low heat, & using products like It's a 10! to keep it as healthy as possible.  I used to glue & or weave extensions in my hair & wore them all the time so my hair was basically destroyed.  Now I use clip-in extensions when I'm wanting some extra length & volume.  Prenatal vitamins have also made a huge improvement on my hair, I think I'll be taking those for the rest of my life!

Three. Target Cartwheel
If you shop at Target, and let's be real, who doesn't shop at Target, this app is for you!  It's for both iPhone & Android & totally rocks!  You can search all kinds of different categories from babies, clothes, cleaning supplies, furniture, food, basically anything in the store for discounts & show it at the register on your phone & BAM, you've just saved yourself anywhere between 10, 15, 20+ percent on your favorite items.  Most of the deals run for the entire month too so you don't have to rush out and get it right away, (although it could be a great way to justify going to Target three times a week!)

Four.  Emily Maynard Sweater
Back in August, Apricot Lane opened up their pre-order for this adorable sweater they refer to as the Emily Maynard sweater since she was spotted wearing it & started the trend.  They had the blue & the mint available so I jumped all over the mint one right away.  Unfortunately, we still haven't gotten them yet. Wouldn't you know it, my friend Jenny who owns CNJ Style (you can read about her fabulous boutique here or check out her Facebook page!) ended up getting these sweaters in the blue version & a black and white version, so adorable!  So Monday when I was off & drinking wine with my friend Jessica I showed them to her & we immediately decided that we both needed to have one so I ran down to the store & picked one up for the both of us! Can you say, Twinks?!  It's such a cozy, comfy sweater, so glad I'll have it in both mint & blue.

Five. Bigley Photography Giveaway
I just want to remind everyone about the awesome giveaway from Bigley Photography!  If you haven't entered you have until the end of the month!  You can enter on her Facebook page by liking her page & sharing the photo of the banners, you can also follow her on Instagram @Jessbigley.  She's giving away 3 of these custom made banners (design of the winner's choosing!) at the end of the month, just in time for Christmas!!  Be sure to enter!

Happy weekend!! Enjoy!


  1. Obsessed with the cartwheel app... It's the best :) I'll keep y'all in thoughts Monday! I'm really hoping Monday brings you good news and takes one step closer to your dream :)

  2. Good luck next week! Hopefully you can relax this weekend while you wait! Maybe get a massage or facial...? Clomid really messed with my normally flawless skin, so my husband surprised me with a facial during the process. It was a big pick me up!

    1. That's a great idea, I haven't had really any noticiable side affects, but I could use some quiet, relaxation time this weekend for sure!!


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