Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

One. Next Appointment
Today is my next ultrasound appointment at 4 in Peoria. They will look to make sure the injections are doing what they’re supposed to and more follicles are growing. I’m thinking about this time next week I will be having the IUI procedure done again, hopefully this time with positive results. I can’t believe that when I started this blog about my pregnancy journey over a year and a half later I would be writing about giving myself injections of hormones, & having all these procedures done to treat infertility. We never know where life is going to take us, but this journey has been quite the experience & I know in the end it will all end up being worth it.

Two. Holiday Lull
This week and next week, we really have hardly anything going on and I’m totally OK with that!! It’s been down in the single digits here in Illinois along with snow & ice & crappy weather that I hate having to go out in. I’m perfectly content going home after work, immediately putting on sweats, & relaxing the evenings away with my husband and dog. Soon the days will be filled with lots of travel, chaos, laughing, present giving, Christmas fun, but I’m glad that these next couple of weeks are quiet. We have dinner plans on Saturday for our friend’s birthday, but that’s pretty much it as far as the weekend goes.

my husband, my dog, my beautiful tree & the crazy finale of SOA

Three. Crane Humidifier
Yep, it’s that time of year when the air is so unbelievably dry that my nails are breaking, my skin is scaly, and my nose just hurts. We used to run a humidifier in our bedroom all winter long in our old house, but we could never find the right filters to change it. I ended up buying the Crane Humidifier & I’m so in love with it. It’s sooo quiet, you can’t hear it running at all except for the gargle of water every once in a while & I’m not waking up with a dry nose anymore. Highly recommend this product as I know Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin does as well.

Four. Christmas Mugs
Last Friday we had to drive to Bloomington, about an hour away, to go see Out of the Furnace (HIGHLY recommend!) so I made Joe take me to Cracker Barrel to get my chicken n dumplins’ fix. I love their store, they have some of the cutest most unique things there. A great place to do a little Christmas shopping, which I definitely did. While there I found these adorable mugs that I just had to have. They were cheap, & cute. I love the vintage look of them. They would be perfect for hot chocolate with some whip cream and mallows on top. I’ve got a pretty large collection of Christmas mugs since we always get one in our stocking every year. These would make great gifts for the person who loves all-things Christmas, or the hard-to-buy-for person with some hot chocolate packets included!

Five. Family Traditions
I’ve seen a lot of posts in blogland lately about traditions, some of the headaches that are caused by breaking tradition, creating new traditions with our new families, tweaking traditions that we already have with our families to accommodate for our spouses families, etc. I think it’s important to create a balance between keeping old traditions & making new ones. We still go to Joe’s parents Christmas Eve & put our matching PJ’s on and read Christmas stories & drink Coke’s out of glass bottles, we still go to my parents Christmas and have breakfast & open gifts. But once our house is built & it’s filled with kids, things will eventually change. My parents were divorced when I was two. I went between houses my whole life, & it didn’t bother me at all, but I don’t want to have to drag my kids around during the holidays & try to get to see everyone & have to rush to make sure we make all of our stops. I want to be able to savor every moment that I can with them & with family. I hope that our families will be understanding of this. I hope that we can keep some old & create some new. How do you balance old & new traditions during the holidays?

Christmas Eve 2011

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Love your holiday tradition, pjs are so much fun!

    Your tree is sooo beautiful!

    I'm sending you a hug and prayers lady. I hope the treatments work :)!

  2. Thinking about you today! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the tradition haha and love that room shot! How cozy is that space??! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. Girl. Gosh. Praying God's perfect timing over baby Ridley. And a continued trust that He is ALWAYS definition! Praying, girlie! xx

  5. I love the matching pj's! Hope you have a great weekend, come link up with me!

  6. Ooooof I must have that humidifier! Seriously, my skin just cracks so bad that it bleeds when it's cold and dry. I love all your sweet Christmas traditions :)

  7. New follower from the linkup! I'm looking forward to following along, and wishing you well with the fertility treatments.
    Those mugs are darling!


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