Friday, December 06, 2013

Five on Friday

One.  The Next Step
Our first attempt at IUI was not successful unfortunately.  After many tears, a few glasses of wine, & binge eating a batch of cookie dough, I am starting to feel better.  I talked to my nurse on Wednesday and she suggested that we try injections this round rather than Clomid.  She said that the injections are more effective than the pill so I told her absolutely, let's do this, and she placed the order for the meds to be delivered to my house.  We are beyond blessed that my insurance benefits cover medication and treatment of infertility.  I know many people who do not have that luxury and are paying exorbitant amounts of money to have these types of procedures done.  I am so ready to start round two!  Not giving up this easy.

Two.  Christmas Spirit!
I love this time of year.  Even with the sad news of our negative test, Christmas just makes me so happy.  I love the music (Elf Soundtrack, Charlie Brown Christmas, NSnyc Christmas), I love the smells, I love seeing the lights and decorations, I love cutting down & trimming a tree, I love the movies,  I love how it brings family & friends closer, & most of all I LOVE giving gifts.  Don't get me wrong, I always buy A LOT for myself during the Christmas season because there are so many killer deals out there!  Tonight we are going to go to Utica to see the house with the light show.  They have been doing this for the last few years to collect money/food for the local food pantry.  They have hundreds of thousands of lights that are queued up to music.  You tune into a radio station and sit in your car and you can hear the songs and watch the amazing show!!  So beautiful & for such a great cause! So many wonderful things about Christmas!

our beautiful tree

Three.  Pampering
I guess I scheduled my facial for the perfect week.  I have one today after work & it's my favorite one.  The aromatic facial at Skin Dimensions Day Spa.  It's soooo relaxing & my skin feels & looks amazing after I have it done.  I'm definitely due for one & I'm definitely due for some relaxing after the stressful week I've had.  Bonus, I get a free makeup application after the facial done by my amazingly talented friend Jessica Bennett!  

Four.  Out of the Furnace
Date night tonight since I'm going to have my make up done will be Christmas light show, dinner, & going to see the new Christian Bale flick, Out of the Furnace.  It looks super intense, & he is such an amazing actor who really dedicates himself to his roles.  I have so much respect for him as does my husband.  He was actually in one of Disney's musicals Newsies which makes him even more awesome.  He sure has come a long way.  

such a great cast!

Five.  Ugly Sweater Party Weekend!!
Best party of the year is happening this Saturday.  My amazingly talented friend Jessica Bennett is hosting her annual ugly sweater party on Saturday & I cannot wait.  I'm definitely planning on indulging in the Sam Adams Winter Sampler pack... Old Fezziwig?!  Yes Please!  I won first place last year, but I'm not sure I will this year.  I'm not going as all out as I did, but wearing a sweater that was my grandmas.  She passed away on October 1st and it only feels right that I should wear one of her ugliest Christmas sweaters in her memory!  I found Joe a cute one at Target of all places, I guess they make "ugly" sweaters nowadays... can't wait to see all the ugly sweaters people sport this year!

last year! I dressed up like a Christmas present!

Happy Weekend Friends!!


  1. I'm really praying this next round goes well for you, doll! The Lord will grant you a baby in His perfect timing...I'm sure of it :) xox

    1. Thanks girl!! Appreciate all the prayers we can get! <3

      Happy weekend!!

  2. Elena, I'm thinking of you! Keep your head up and enjoy the season. Your Christmas tree is awesome and I can't wait to see your Christmas sweater :) Have a wonderful (relaxing) weekend!

  3. I also love the Nsync Christmas album!!! Also, that's exciting that your doctor is switching you to injections... This could make all the difference!

    1. I still swoon over Justin Timberlake he's gotten hotter the older he gets!! Hoping the injections will give us the boost we need!

  4. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Keep staying positive and enjoy this time of year with your hubby :)

    1. Thank you!! Hope you have a blessed holiday season! Xoxo

    2. The NSYNC Christmas CD is my jam. Specifically Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays


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