Wednesday, June 11, 2014

IVF Prep

My goal for the next 30 days is to make sure that my body is primed for many healthy eggs, a 5 day blastocyst transfer, and a healthy environment for an embryo to implant & develop.  I’ve been doing my research on how best to prep for IVF.  Two of the best things that I’ve found are diet and supplements.  I also believe that exercise is an extremely important component of the process.  Being healthy in general is a huge benefit to success. 

A couple of the things that I’ve read show that a high protein/low carb diet will best help aid in the success of IVF.  I generally consume high protein.  I eat a lot of turkey, chicken breasts, some red meats, etc.  I need to incorporate more nuts into my diet so that is one thing I will be adding.  I also generally consume more carbs than are probably preferred.  I love pasta, I love bread, although I eat whole grain sliced bread, my pizza crust is never whole grain and I eat a lot of pizza.  What I’m trying to say is that although I generally eat a pretty good diet, there is definite room for improvement.

Here's some of what I've been eating:
Smoothie: (first thing in the AM)
approx 1 cup of mixed frozen fruit
1 cup of spinach
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein
1 It Works! Greens in orange flavor (these have 8+ servings of fruits and veggies per packet!)
L&A Cranberry Blueberry Plus (found in the organic section)

1 cage free egg, scrambled. 2 pieces of turkey bacon
and/or 1 cup of oatmeal

Handful of peanuts (cashew halves)
Fruits &/or veggies

“Bare” grilled chicken breast (organic) & spinach salad with Annie's Natural Tuscany Italian dressing.  
Cold-cut veggies
Or a whole grain wrap w/ low sodium deli turkey and Laughing Cow light Swiss spread

This will vary.  If I can stick to a good breakfast and lunch I will be more lenient on dinners, but will attempt high protein/low carb/whole grain meals.  I will stick to quinoa rather than pasta, more thoroughly cooked red meat (I love a medium rare steak!), maybe some vegetarian dinners, etc.

CitraNatal prenatal vitamins (prescription)
Vitamin E (protects DNA integrity & is said to help implantation) 1xday
Vitamin C (improves hormone levels, improves sperm quality in men), 1xday
CoQ10 (improves egg health) 3xday
Pregnitude (addt’l folic acid) 1 packetxday

There are tons of other supplements out there that you can read about here.  Choose what’s best for you and always check with your doctor.

I also plan to cut back on my alcohol consumption, cut back on sweets, & in the beginning of July start drinking SmartWater on the reg as a preventative against OHSS since it's got electrolytes.  I've also been using My Fitness Pal app to track my nutrition throughout the day.

I cannot believe that we are only 30 days out until our target retrieval.  It seems like just yesterday (which was actually April 11th) that I was handed the news that we needed to change the course of our journey & take a big step in a direction I never thought I would have to go.  Every day it gets easier to accept the fact that this is how our baby will be made.  Although I am still hopeful that we will, one day, naturally conceive a child, I am so thankful that IVF is even an option for us.


  1. Praise Jesus! I hope that your 30 days FLYS BY!!!!! You are doing great things, by prepping your body. Keep it up, girl! It'll all pay off. Prayers coming your way!!!!

  2. You are so prepared & ready! 30 days?! Exciting times!!!

  3. I'd say 2 months ago I use to smoke everyday and when I decided to cut it off it was little hard. Now the eating healthy, exercising and drinking my SmartWater everyday has been easy to cope with. But I haven't touched a cigarette whoop whoop Can't wait to here all about your IVF xoxo

  4. Glad to have found you through the link up, I will be following your journey now sweet girl :) 30 days! Hopefully it will go quickly for you!

  5. Praying for nothing but peace and guidance through this preparation time! I may even have to try some of those meals. They sound tasty!

  6. Yay!! 30 Days! I hope it flies by. Oh and BIG Yay for you for doing everything you can possibly do to make your body primed and ready to receive your miracle baby! I cannot wait to see how this unfolds for you and your husband!

  7. 30 days, oh my gosh! Time is flying!
    Your meals sound delicious!

  8. Wow that is some serious prep work girl! Do you have your husband on a special diet as well? Keep up the good work and hopefully time will fly by!

  9. I feel like you have everything covered in this plan of yours! I think it's great that you are introducing smoothies. Do you juice also? I really believe in juicing so I always try to stay on track with it. 30 day countdown!

  10. You are already such a good mom! 30 days is nothing can't wait for you to begin this journey!

  11. Okay - seriously - how did you get such an AMAZING looking blog through blogspot??! I'm on there too, and had NO IDEA it could look this cool! Help! Oh, and just did 3 day transfer - just a few steps ahead of you. Following, and good luck! xoxo

  12. Good luck!! I got twins boys out of it..even though the dr rated my blasts a C. I stayed away from sugar but did not go low carb because I did not want my body to be in acidosis. Rest rest rest afterwards.

  13. Love that you are getting healthy and getting your body ready - so so so important!

  14. 30 days will fly by! Sooooooooo happy for you. I know I say that over and over but I so mean it. Y'all GOT THIS!

  15. Sounds like a great plan! Been following along with crossed fingers and toes!


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