Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm actually off work today since we are starting to DIG OUR FOUNDATION for our build!  I can't believe it!! Such an exciting day!  We have been watching the weather very closely since they've been calling for a 90% chance of rain, but it looks like they've taken that down to a 40% chance so we should still be good to go.

I'll be honest, this was an exhausting weekend.  It was Joe's birthday weekend and we crammed a lot into just a couple of days.  It just goes to show that we can still hang, it just takes longer to recover.  

Friday I came home from after getting a facial and then going to do a wine taste with my bestie and my mom to find a HUGE package waiting on the step.  It was all of my IVF medicine and to say I was overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.  Especially after two glasses of wine, I was a tad emotional, but I am ready to start this journey and kick infertility's ass!

Friday night we went to dinner to kick off Joe's birthday weekend.  We went to our favorite restaurant in town, Bartley's.  We always get the same drinks, the same meal, & I hope one day we have our own table that we sit at every time.  If we want to go out on a date or have a nicer meal, 95% of the time we go to Bartley's.  It was an amazing meal as always.  I get the 8oz. filet with a side of alfredo and Joe gets the crab stuffed shrimp alfredo or just the shrimp alfredo every time we go.  

After dinner we headed out to one of our favorite bars, Docs.  It's one of my favorite places because I can get my ghetto booty shake on there & I love going to visit Amy, one of the sweet bartenders and a chick I went to high school with.  Jessica and Mike met us out and we had a great time.  We called it quits around 11 since we had to get up at 5AM Saturday for the Freedom Run.

The alarm went off bright and early and we got ready to do the annual Freedom Run.  The Freedom Run is a motorcycle ride that honors the fallen troops of the Middle Eastern Conflicts.  We take about an hour ride and end up in a town where there is a memorial with all of the names of the fallen soldiers.  This is a huge event in our community.  Mothers of the fallen come from all over the US and read the names off of the wall. It takes about 2 hours for the over 4,000+ names to be read.  It's one of my favorite events to participate in each year.  There were thousands of bikes, and thousands of people who came out to stand for those who stood for us. 

After the Freedom Run we had a pool party to attend, which unfortunately was cut short by the weather that was rolling in.  We were so exhausted by this point.  For the majority of the day Saturday the sun was out and it was HOT.  Close to 90 degrees and we were out in it pretty much all day.  Thankfully I worse SPF 50 and reapplied frequently otherwise I would've been a lobster.  We didn't have much time to rest before we had to leave to head an hour out of town to watch our friends band play.  I had no real desire to go by the time we actually did leave, but we had to go and support our friend.  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  I didn't drink because all I wanted was a really good night of sleep and if I drink too much I never sleep good. We didn't get home until about 2:45 so it was a realllllllllly long day.  Almost went for a full 24 hours. Haven't done anything like that in years!
this is exactly what happened when I got home.  I'm luck I made it to the bed.

On Sunday which was Joe's actual birth date, we slept in, had coffee, watched some TV then he was off to the property for the day.  I ended up grocery shopping, lunching, and pampering with my mom for the afternoon who leaves for Germany today.  I decided to try a no-chip manicure again to see if it will help me curb my habit of picking at my nails all the time.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with Frankie watching TV and catching up on blogs.  I was still feeling like the above gif.  We went for dinner with Joe's parents then came home to watch Lone Survivor.  It was such a great movie, but horrifying at the same time. I am always just amazed to see what our military have to endure for the freedoms of our country and I have so much respect for them, even more after watching that movie. I highly recommend it, but just remember the title is Lone Survivor so you should know right away what the outcome is.  

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.  Follow me on Instagram to see pictures from today's dig!


  1. I'm sure receiving your mess felt like another big step & was overwhelming emotional! I just got prescribed some new mess to help me along, so I'm hopeful this month!!! Enjoy your day off and the beginning of your new home!!!

  2. Yay for dig day, can't wait to see a pic! Enjoy your day off :)

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby and happy groundbreaking!!

    I just watched Lone Survivor a couple of weeks ago and WOW! I mean it's just heartbreaking what all of these soldiers and their families are going through and have gone through.

  4. I’m so happy you are already starting with your journey I know this is it for you and I’ll be praying every day. My gosh did you have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to your hubs; and I’m excited for your house believe me I know how it feels the first time I saw blocks put up on our home I was crying of happiness. This definitely is your year.

  5. Yay for breaking ground today! So many big moments happening to you!

  6. What a busy weekend! That Freedom ride looks awesome! What a great thing to pull the community together in honor of the fallen soliders!! :) I don't blame you for being overwhelmed with the medicine for your treatments. I totally would be too! Best of luck to you!!!!! ♥♥♥

  7. The freedom ride looks awesome!! And yay for breaking ground! This month is going to be busy for you!!

  8. What a fun weekend!!!! Even better that it is capped off by you being OFF TODAY!!! Wahoo!!!

  9. yay for digging stuff! how exciting. that food looks delish!

  10. Eek! The IVF stuff looks intimidating but you got this girl!! Congrats on breaking ground! SO happy for you!! Hope it went well!

    <3, Pamela

  11. What a full weekend! Congrats on getting the IVF exciting!

  12. Ah! Lone Survivor - Great movie - I spent about half of it under the blankets from the fighting and blood, but a good movie. I'm sad to say the Hubby and I couldn't finish the credits because we were both such a wreck. Thank you to all service men and women (and their families) out there and million times over!

    Mandie with


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