Saturday, September 06, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Bike Trip Recap

I know, I'm a few days late on this post, but holiday weekends always throw a wrench into things, so my apologies for the post that should've been posted on Monday, but I wanted to kick off September 1st with this post to kick off our anniversary month!

I’m sure that we’re all saying and thinking this, but I can’t believe that it’s already September!  This summer has just flown as has this entire year and it makes me sad to realize how fast time really does pass.  This was our 4th year taking our bike to a small town in Illinois called Savanna where we camp at a biker bar called Poopy’s.  We load up the bike with our tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, and overnight bag and set up camp for the long weekend.  This part of Illinois (the farthest northwestern part of the state) is well known for its beautiful scenery & is prime territory for motorcycles.  It’s about 30 miles from Galena and close enough to Iowa you can be there in about 5 minutes, and close enough to Wisconsin you can be there in about 45 minutes so we of course made a few stops in the tri-state areas.  

The weather was perfect for us both days.  We only ended up getting rained on for a couple hours on Sunday night overnight.  We got some good riding in, some good food & drinks, and some much needed time away.  I didn't know how badly I needed a weekend away until I was there and realized how much fun I was having and how relaxed I was.  We had some guests with us for part of the trip.  My cousin Logan who just got his first bike this spring came with us and we took him to our favorite places for his first time.  My aunt and uncle & one of my co-workers were with us for part of the ride, we always have such a good time with them, lots of laughs & good times.

We went to the Iron Horse Social Club bar & bike museum where Joe and I renewed our vows for our one year anniversary.  We went up into Wisconsin to New Diggins, a small town with two rival bars on opposite corners of the street.  We had a really good burger there for lunch, then hit the road to do some more exploring.  We stopped at an old farmhouse that has a self-serve bar and food.  We then came back down into Galena and stopped at Chestnut Mountain, a ski resort where we usually take a ride on the Alpine Slide in the summer.  For the evenings and part of the afternoon on Sunday it was just Joe and I which is always great too.  We got to spend some quality time downtown Galena & we got to watch one of our favorite bands play on Sunday night.  We had a perfect time together & after the amount of stress that we've had this summer between moving to my parents, building a house, and going through IVF, I think it was really good for both of us.

The Forgedaboudit Winery vineyards! 
A big outdoor antiquing place
Galena Brewery, one of our favorite stops
A yummy flight at the brewery
Iron Horse Social Club bar & bike museum

What I thought a lot about this trip was how on last year’s trip I told myself that if I wasn't pregnant by this year’s trip that I would buy myself a bike and maybe give up the notion of having a baby for a while.  This was at a point of TTC that we hadn’t yet seen a specialist and I knew nothing about where infertility was going to lead me.  Now I look back on that moment and realize that I’ve come such a long way, and been through so much, a laparoscopy, 2 IUI’s, a miscarriage, 2 cancelled IUI’s, one IVF live transfer, and now a frozen transfer.  It’s been one hell of a year; emotionally and physically I’ve endured more in the last year than I ever have in my life.  I’ve realized a year later that I won’t give up and that we have invested more into having a baby than I ever could’ve imagined while lost in thought on the back of the bike last year. 


  1. that outdoor antiquing place looks awesome, and it looks like you guys had a great time. i am sorry that this year has been so tough, but hopefully good news will be here soon and it will all be worth it :) you are very strong not to have given up and invested so much in something so important to you.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get away and just unwind. We used to ride bikes (Prior to 3 kids) and I found it to be one of the most freeing experiences ever. If you can't relax on the back of a bike with wind blown hair and an open road in front of you, you probably can't relax anywhere!

  3. And next year at this time you may just have a baby with exciting!! That antiquing place looks awesome!!

  4. What an amazing weekend! It looks beautiful up there, too. I want you to know that I've been keeping up with all your Instagram updates, girly, and I'm praying for you guys! I have a feeling you might just have a little bean of your own VERY soon! xo

  5. I love that i'm able ot find out new things about Illinois and sometimes Wisconsin since I live here but haven't really traveled much outside my little area. Hoping things will be great for you one year from now!

  6. Looks like a great trip and so relaxing! :) it's a good thing you didn't go with your thoughts from last year because look how far you've come! So awesome! Next year you may have a baby cart on side of that bike! Lol. ;)

  7. Hey reader! I need to go back and read up on your infertility struggles. I too am starting out with fertility drugs and what not. Also, I live in NW Illinois as well! Galena is about an hour and a half NW of me!

  8. Bike rides are pure joy on two wheels! The wind in your hair, the rhythmic pedal strokes, and the freedom of the open road create an exhilarating experience. It's not just exercise; it's a thrilling journey that rejuvenates the body and mind. Whether cruising through scenic landscapes or exploring urban streets, every pedal turn brings a sense of accomplishment and a rush of endorphins. The simplicity of a bike ride is a reminder of life's uncomplicated pleasures. So, saddle up, embrace the ride, and let the positive energy of cycling propel you forward!

  9. Hey fellow riders! Just stumbled upon this incredible collection of roads images on Depositphotos. Each image vividly captures the essence of the open road, reminding me of our Labor Day weekend bike trip a few years back. As I scrolled through the memories shared in the comments, it got me thinking about the unique experiences we've all had on our rides. These photos could serve as a great source of inspiration for future adventures or even as the perfect backdrop for your next blog post. Check them out and let me know which one resonates with your biking spirit!


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