Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday Faves...

In case you weren't sure...

I've missed these posts!  These are some of the most fun to write because you get to share everything you’re loving and you get to read what everyone else is loving!  These are usually the posts that get me in trouble though because everyone has links to their favorite purchases and pins of the week and it sometimes can be damaging to my wallet!  So without further ado…

Favorite Moment:
This was a pretty quiet week.  There wasn't really a specific moment to talk about although Joe was off work because of all the rain so Tuesday we went out for Cinco de Mayo and had some yummy margaritas & other festive foods!  Another moment I would say was more progress than pleasant was doing my first Lupron Depot shot today.  It is a shot in the butt basically and it’s not fun, but it’s one step closer to IVFx4 and another milestone checked off my list!

House Update:
We finally got a possible start day for our septic.  Joe’s work does field tiling and they also do septic systems every once in a while so I've been nagging Joe for weeks to find out when exactly they planned on doing ours.  He finally got word this week that once they finish the job they’re on (just a couple more days of work) they will be able to start our septic.  Our septic permit expires in a month so we really need to get it in and done and inspected.  This is the last biggest piece of the puzzle we need to be able to get our occupancy permit and move in!

Frank found his spot!

Favorite Purchase:
I’ve been jewelry UHBsessed lately.  Do you guys follow McKenna Bleu?  She is beautiful and seriously has an amazing style!  She shared this amazing look this week and I loved every piece of it, especially that Kate Spade bag.  Unfortunately I couldn't justify spending that kind of money, but I could justify the turquoise and gold ring she was wearing from Sole Society.  So cute & free shipping!

Favorite Pin:
I’ll be honest, I haven’t been on Pinterest much, but there’s always a pin to love!

Favorite Workout:
You guys might have read my post about the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz.  I’ve been doing that every day this week along with my weekly yoga class Wednesay.  I’m working on perfecting my Crow Pose and Erin had us hitting the abs pretty hard this week which I needed after all the margaritas I drank for Cinco de Mayo.

mastered Crow Pose!

Tree Pose outside yesterday.

Favorite thing I’m looking forward to:
This weekend is the mass for my grandpa who passed away a month ago Wednesday. Although it will be hard, I am looking forward to seeing all of my family and celebrating his life.  It is also my grandma’s birthday Sunday, Mother’s Day, so we will have a lot to celebrate this weekend.  Then next Wednesday is my appointment for my new tattoo that was my grandpas Navy tattoo.  My cousin and I are getting tattooed at the same time and are each getting one of the two tattoos grandpa had.  I can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. You are so cute! I envy your yoga skills! Happy Friday girl!

  2. I love all of McKenna's outfits but she spends WAY more on her stuff than I'm willing to spend haha! She also makes WAY more so I guess that's fair. Love that ring though, so cute! And totally loving everything about your favorite pin! So cute! Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. you make me want to start the 30 day challenge again! her ab videos are my favourite, even my husband does them! that ring is gorgeous and have i mentioned i'm obsessed with your bedroom stuff?! love it. good news about the house stuff - one step closer, yay! have a good weekend girl!

  4. My Mom's birthday is Sunday too! And I hope you post pictures of your new tattoo!

  5. You have so much MAJOR stuff coming up this's all so exciting!! I love seeing all the progress each week. Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Friday!!! I really want to start doing yoga again!

  7. I want to get in to yoga. I just looks so relaxing! Have you heard of PiYo? Apparently it's pilates mixed with yoga. I'd like to try that too.. hmmm! Happy Friday, friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Love your bedding, so cute! Good luck this weekend, I'll be thinking of you. That is so cool about your tats. I love tattoos but tattoos with special meaning like that really are the best <3

  9. That margarita along with the chips and salsa look amazing!!! yummy! I just love your pug :)

  10. I always love how bright McKenna's clothes are - always makes me happy! I'm loving your bedding! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Loooovvveee your bedding. Frank has great taste.


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