Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm sorry for what I said when I was on fertility drugs...

Well I'm 11 days into the progestin and it's been interesting to say the least.  I never experience many side effects from any kind of medications.  I've always responded well to any meds I've been on and have never had any problems with anything like weight gain, nausea, loss of appetite, none of that has ever been an issue for me when taking medications of any kind.  I can't say the same for the Aygestin that I've been taking!  I figured with something that was going to be rebalancing my hormones, I wasn't going to get by without any kind of side effects this time.  

So far I'm tired more often (especially for someone who seems to always be tired!), I am eating and craving sugar and sweets like no other!  I finally had to throw away what they refer to as a "share size" bag of Skittles (share my ass), and actually ate a container, an entire pound, of strawberries for lunch one day this week.  I have a hardcore sweet tooth as it is so this has been horrible.

Mood-wise, I've been a crab ass and I have moments of pure rage when I want to throw my brand new iPhone 6+ because something isn't working.  It's one thing to be bitchy to your husband, at least he knows that you're being fueled with mood changing fertility drugs, most people that you encounter or speak to during the day may not know that, I should post this exact ecard on the door of my office to warn people prior to entry. 

Other than that, we are moving slowly within this cycle.  Taking the progestin every day at least makes me feel like there is some progress being made.  Next Friday I take my second Lupron Depot injection at exactly 5 weeks away from baseline scan & blood work!  The time really is flying and I can't believe we are so close to June already!  My 29th birthday is fast approaching, June 8th I will officially celebrate my last year in my twenties and I can't believe it!

The house is really going to be the biggest distraction.  Right now we are soo close to final inspection that it's starting to feel like its dragging.  We are down to the very minor details as Joe was able to get the replacement windows in this weekend.  We spent 2 nights there and it was amazing.  We watched  some scary movies, enjoyed some cocktails, cooked out just the two of us, cooked out with our family, did some work on the house, and it was amazing.  I'm chomping at the bit to start moving stuff, but Joe is hesitant about calling for the final because he wants us to pass the first time.  I think that's pretty wishful thinking, but he says that he will try to get the inspector out at least by Friday so that if we don't pass, we know what we need to spend the weekend doing.  Or if the odds are in our favor, he does pass us, then we can start the moving process!

It can be, at times, a little overwhelming, and my mood and my overly energetic, go-go-go moments can really make me feel flustered and frustrated on top of the crazy hormones I'm having.  My daily yoga practice has helped this tremendously.  I've been spending at least 30-60 minutes per day and really working on my breathing and taking time in each pose and being in each moment.  It's amazing how much better I feel after each session, totally relaxed, focused, and refreshed.  I'm really hoping I can keep this motivation going and continue to practice every day.

Sorry that I have been MIA lately, there has been little going on in our world of infertility and we are kind of in a lull with the house and the rest of life in general which is fine by me!  We've got another quiet, commitment-free weekend coming up, the last before the month of June kicks off weddings, several Ridley family birthdays, and the start to all things summer!  I thought I'd give you guys an update and let you know I'm alive and crabby! ;-)


  1. Lol Alive and crabby. Yup drugs will do that to u. I myself never really experienced many side effects until Lupron entered my world. Ugh the worst! Glad u at least have yoga to help u release some stress/frustration etc. Finger crossed u guys pass the first time so u can get the ball rolling before June is here. It would be a great way to start summer.

  2. Aww, The side effects sound rough, but you are one step closer in your journey! Lots of prayers your way!!! I will thinking of you lots!

  3. Oh no!! The side effects definitely sound like no joke but hopefully they'll pass soon! My friend was on progestin awhile back and she said the hunger thing and the tired thing were crazy bad for her. She said she gained 7 lbs in one month from all the eating she did so it's definitely not just you!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. It always amazes me how strong and positive you are - you got this girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Been thinking about you! So sorry that the meds are making you feel so crazy! Although, I will admit eating a pound of strawberries for me is a normal thing, hehe!

    So fun that you got to have a sweet date night in your OWN home! Sounds like the perfect night to me!

  6. Sorry to hear about those side effects, but anything with the hormones will definitely do it to you! The good news, things are changing! Hope you have good luck with the inspection and get moved in soon! And that your body starts to adjust to all these changes, keeping you in my thoughts!

  7. Girl you are such a trooper. I hope you get to move into your house very soon. Sometimes I think all things just fall together and I really REALLY want the BFP for you.

  8. I can't believe how close you are to your baseline!!! Hope everything goes well with your inspection!

  9. You're so close, mama! Wishing you happy (and unhormonal) thoughts!!!

  10. Those meds are the worst and they should come with a disclaimer that they turn you into a crazy train wreck.

  11. Alive and crabby, love it! At least you own it. ;) 5 weeks, my friend! So close! I'm so excited for The Ridley Ranch to almost be fully complete! Isn't it crazy just how relaxing yoga can really be when you focus on the moment? Hope yall pass inspection tomorrow :)


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