Monday, May 18, 2015

Skull Bliss...

I have always been a fan of all things Southwestern.  I love fringe and turquoise, I love big belt buckles, Aztec print, feathers, arrows, serapes, dream catchers, cow hide, leather, you name it, if it’s Southwestern I love it.  I think my admiration and slight obsession came from my aunt Allison who we refer to as Walks with Smoke in her Eyes.  She always has on lots of turquoise rings and earrings, she has a giant, wooden carved Indian in her basement, she is just free spirited and her style and taste has inspired me since I was a kid.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  Getting my point?

A couple of my favorite decorating pieces that we own that fit this style are bull horns.  We have a huge set and a smaller set.  The smaller set had its permanent home on the front of my husband’s motorcycle that we wrecked on; luckily the horns were not hurt during the accident!  We have even ridden in a parade with the big 6’ set on the front of the bike and boy did we turn heads!  So naturally, when I found a page on Instagram called Skull Bliss I was an instant follower.  Their products are AH-mazing!  Not just the horns, but the hand-carved skulls of cows, buffalo, ram, and horse!  They are stunningly beautiful and you can clearly see the attention that is given to each skull in the detail of the design.

 Here's the bike after we wrecked, the horns survived!  You can see how twisted the bike is though.

This is the one I chose and I love it!  It's so amazing!


I had such a hard time picking the Skull Carving I wanted.  I really like the Eagle and the Indian carved ones, but the tribal prints were also really pretty and intricate.  I ended up with a small skull in Tribal #1.  It was my first instinct so that’s the one I chose!  Their skulls are 100% handcrafted and come from Bali.  Carving bone is part of the Balinese culture and the artists spend a decade of their lifetime gaining the skills it takes to produce these extraordinary pieces.  Each piece that Skull Bliss sells goes to support the Balinese artists and their families—these artists usually aren’t recognized for their talent so they are forced to quit since it does not pay enough money for food or to support a family.

I love everything about this company.  I love that these are authentic pieces created by astoundingly talented artists.  I love that this company is making it possible for these Master Crafters to do what they love and make a living off of it and be recognized for their amazing talent.  In my eyes these things all make these pieces well worth the money.  They make perfect conversation pieces for any home and I cannot wait to hang mine up in my new house!


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see how you hang it in the house!

    The Mrs. & Co.

  2. I love the carving design on the one u got.

  3. That cow skull you got it amazing, seriously so beautfiul!! Good choice! Can't wait to see it up in Ridley

  4. These are so beautiful!! Great choice! xx

  5. It's beautiful, can't wait to see how you display it!

  6. holy cow (pun intended) I love that and I am officially obsessed!

  7. i am not super into this style decor wise, but i can appreciate it if that makes sense. the one you picked is gorgeous, and how awesome are those horns on the bike?!

  8. This is so you it's perfect! Love the one that you chose, it's so intricate and pretty. Love the horns on the bike too! So cool! I'd totally be afraid of stabbing someone on accident with those haha!

  9. Super cool! That detail work is gorgeous. Feminine and rustic, totally dig it! I've been scouting for a skull that I can be-jewel with rhinestones and turquoise. No luck yet, but the hunt is on!

  10. This is too cool! Im not really into this but I have to admit the one you got is so intricate. I can totally see why you got it

  11. The piece is just so amazing!! Quite the show stopper! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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