Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

One. Rhonna Design
I finally was able to track down this fabulous app (available for both iPhone and Android users!) that I've seen many people using on Instagram & I'm oh-so excited about it!  Seriously, if you're like me and you love fonts, arrows, quotes, banners, bunting, (guilty as charged!) then you will LOVE this app.  Not only does it allow you to use your own photos, but she provides some adorable backgrounds (like a chalkboard & gold glitter!) where you are able to type your own quotes or use some of her favorites.  I'm dying over this app. Seriously so distracted with it right now. Here are some of my favorites that I have created using both the provided quotes/graphics/text & my own! Check out her adorable website and blog for even more!

Two. Dexter
I know, this show has been over for like six months now, but we just started watching it on Netflix (seriously, I would wait until a current series was over just so I could watch it on MY schedule, when I wanted, uninterrupted, if my husband would allow it), & I am hooked.  I love it & what I love more is that I can watch a few episodes each night at a reasonable hour & I'm not paying $17 a month for Showtime, I'm paying $8 for Netflix.  Doesn't that seem like such a better deal!

Three. Vinylux
So my sister-in-law started using this awesome no-cure shellac nail polish line called Vinylux & she was kind enough to get all of us girls a shade for Christmas gifted to us by our MIL.  I am constantly painting my nails & have a plethora of nail polishes, but this one is truly amazing.  There is no base coat required and it dries super fast which is the biggest bonus!  I'm always painting my nails in a flash unless I plan it better, like on a night when I have an entire hour to let 4 coats of polish dry... c'mon who has that kind of time?  This stuff is amazing & I highly recommend it to any girl who loves to paint her nails (and let's face fact, we all do!). They seriously have a TON of colors available on their website or if you know someone in the business, most hair supply houses carry it.

Four. Michael Kors Bag
I did it, I bought my first ever Michael Kors bag & I can't wait to get it.  I thought, for $67 I couldn't beat that price & with everything that we've had going on lately, I deserve a little pick me up, retail therapy always does the body good!

Five.  Wine Weekend
Hooray, it's Will Call weekend!!  This month's wines are two of my absolute favorites too.  Augie's Blackberry, which is a port style wine (meaning it's been made with Brandy), it's about 18% alcohol by volume, very strong, very yummy, & goes realllly well with a piece of chocolate.  We also get Nouveau a semi-dry wine made from the freshest grapes (hence, Nouveau, meaning "new" in French, yes Mrs. Johnson, I learned something!) another perfect wine made by August Hill.  I heard from a little birdie that the pairing will be white chocolate covered potato chips, cannot wait to try them!  Really looking forward to partaking in some wining & dining on Saturday for my mom's birthday.  

Happy Friday!!


  1. I'll have to search for that nail polish because mine NEVER dry before I go to bed!

  2. Happy Friday to you!! Not sure if you noticed, but a few days ago I mentioned you in one of my blog posts-- about how much I love following your brave fertility journey.

    1. I found the post, you are too sweet, I love that entire post, so true!

  3. The wine sounds fabulous! Is it from a local winery? White chocolate covered potato chips sound really good too! I downloaded the app, thanks for the share, love it already!!!

    1. Yes, I belong to a wine club for August Hill, a local winery which makes it even better. Hope you enjoy the app!! Happy weekend!

  4. I think I need to belong to a wine club, that sounds amazing! And I also love that bag, I'm a sucker for bags and have more than I need. Some people go for shoes, I go for bags.

  5. That app looks fun! $67 bucks for an MK bag? SCORE. I've been dying for one.. I'm hoping hubby takes the subtle hints I've been giving him (you know, posting direct links on facebook, telling him every second of the day that I want an MK bag for Vday..nothing big..) haha and gets me one! WINE. Whatever would I do without it!?

  6. Just grabbed my phone to download that app - so excited to try out some pretty new backgrounds and banners! Thanks for the tip!

  7. YAY for Rhonna designs!! I love it too! So much!!! xx


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