Sunday, January 26, 2014

weekend recap

Happy Sunday!!  Here's a little inspiration for you courtesy of the Rhonna Design App!

Wow, this weekend flew by!  I'm happy because Tuesday is our next appointment & I feel like we had a good break, time to heal, & time to get my body primed for our next round. Two weeks does feel like an eternity in the infertility world, but it does pass & I try to remember not to wish my life away.

got the last of my meds in the mail friday, the trigger shot, Ovidrel

I've been sick pretty much all week.  I never get sick, but maybe once a year in the winter so I was due for a round of something.  It's either a sinus infection or a bad cold, or maybe both.  I can't hear, my head is so congested, & nothing seems to be working.  I'm hoping it's over soon.  Friday turned out to be a pretty good day.  It started out annoyingly frustrating at work, but it ended with us FINALLY SETTLING our lawsuit from the motorcycle accident.  We're coming up on two years April 1st & I am relieved we are finally closing this chapter.  We need to iron out some minor details, but we are pretty much done with all of the legal stuff and I'm happy we aren't having to go to court.  I ended up grocery shopping Friday afternoon and picked up some steaks & my friend Courtney @ Keystroke Journaling reminded me of how much I enjoy jug wine, especially Carlo Rossi (my maiden name is Rossi!) so I grabbed some Paisano (a semi-dry red) to go with the steaks.  I got a facial done at Skin Dimensions, it was much needed & my skin felt sooo amazing & full of moisture which has been pretty much non-existent this entire winter, even with the humidifier running all night, there is a ton of static in the house & zero humidity.  Winter, I am so over you.

one of the benefits of being on crutches was getting to use the handicapped bathroom & meeting
Blackberry Smoke at the Eric Church concert because of it! VIP!  Hopefully I'll never need them again!

Saturday Jessica, my mom, & my mom's best friend Beth and I went to Jalapenos for lunch & margaritas. We decided a wine taste was in order & a beer since Beth doesn't drink wine so we went to Duffy's for Moscow mules, then headed to August Hill for a complimentary taste.  I love being in the wine club, one free taste per day and you can bring a guest! My lunch date turned into an all-afternoon booze fest which was fun.  I got home about 4 and plopped on the couch for the rest of the night.  I was graced by a visit from my bestie, Jodie.  She and Jon came home with the kiddos and they were on their way to dinner, just the two of them, so they came by to visit for a bit.  It was nice catching up.  Haven't seen her since Christmas!

a little afternoon delight

Today is going to be a lazy day full of Dexter & snuggles on the couch with the pup.  I did start laundry at 7AM this morning so I will get a few things accomplished.  Not much else is going on.  Getting ready to start a new week & the last week of the month already, so crazy.  Tomorrow we go the Maze to start our material list which I'm excited about & Tuesday is my appointment for the baseline ultrasound.  I assume I will be starting injections a few days later.  Hope everyone is surviving the "polar vortex", looking forward to a HIGH of -4 tomorrow.  If you follow me on Instagram (@lenaridley) then you saw how nostalgic I was being this week, taking myself back to warm days in Bermuda on the beach in a swim suit.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Your pup is precious. Looking forward to following along on your adventures!

  2. Hoping you get good news on Tuesday!!

  3. Your afternoon boozefest sounds amazing! Wine AND moscow are totally speaking my language! Good luck on Tuesday!

  4. Tuesday, Tuesday!! Sending you powerful pregnancy thoughts! <3

  5. ELizabeth and JustinJanuary 28, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    Sending you best wishes, especially today (Tuesday)! =)

  6. I'm glad you finally settled the lawsuit from the motorcycle accident. That means no more court appearances and whatnot. Hopefully, the accident hasn't left you with anything traumatic. I can tell you're very strong. Anyway, I really wish you and Joe luck with the baby-making and home building adventure. I'm wishing the both of you all the best! :)

    Roman Barnes @ JandJ Law


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