Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  IUI Round 3.
Today is the day I start injections for our 3rd IUI attempt.  Last time around I stim’d using 75mg of Follistem for 5 days, this time I’m using 100mg of Follistem for 7 days.  We’re hoping more meds for a couple more days will give us more follies.  It’s true, you only need one egg & one sperm to make a baby, but the more eggs you have the better chance a sperm has to fertilize one.  I feel very confident and relaxed this time.  What I learned last time around is to just live my normal life as though I’m not pregnant yet, that seemed to help a lot.  If I can go into it with the same mindset as last time, & with the help of a little more medicine, I’m thinking that this will be it.  There is always a chance that it won’t work, but I’m going to keep an optimistic outlook & hope for the best.

 Two.  Blessings.
On Tuesday after our appointment I was at home preparing dinner & just thinking about everything that we have going on in our lives.  Big things like planning for our house to be built, settling our lawsuit, new job opportunities, possibly getting pregnant, and smaller things like getting our tax return (let’s face it we all love getting that!)& getting fresh blonde highlights in my hair.  Even though we have to go through all of this infertility stuff, we could be going through so much worse.  We have so many great things going on in our lives right now & sometimes it is hard to focus on the blessings we have rather than the burdens that we have. 

Three.  Simply Balanced.
I found these Simply Balanced Peach Mango and Cranberry Cherry sparkling cocktails at Target on Saturday & bonus, they were 2 for $5.  I love a little carbonation, but I really try not to drink soda so these are perfect.  There aren't a ton of ingredients in them either; just a bunch of different fruit concentrates.  They probably aren't the healthiest thing I could be drinking, but they sure are yummy!

Four. Progress on our Plans
Monday after work I met Joe down at Maze Lumber and we got to go over our house plans and start a cost estimate on exterior materials for the house.  I have to admit, I thought I knew everything that I wanted, but I quickly realize I had A LOT more to think about than I could’ve imagined.  I never gave interior doors much thought until he asked me if I wanted, 4 panel, 6 panel, or 3 panel, & once I decided on how many panels I wanted I needed to decide on colors & material.  It was a bit overwhelming, but it was also a lot of fun.  Our material estimate will include roof, windows, fireplace, front door, lumber, insulation, etc.  I already know I will have sticker shock, but I’m getting more and more excited about this whole process.  Our next step will be to meet with the kitchen/bathroom designer to start talking about layout for those rooms!  I can’t wait!! The kitchen and master bathroom are the two most important rooms in the house so they have to be amazing!

this will be my front door!  gorgeous!

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Happy Friday Friends!


  1. You really do have so many exciting things going on!! Sending positive thoughts your way, lady!!!!

  2. When I read your house posts I get really excited for you both. It is amazing to have such a personalized home to live in that you work so hard to pull together that there isn't any way you would ever be able to take a home like that for granted. It is ya''lls current baby, for sure. :) But, I have to tell you I nearly have an anxiety attack myself thinking of myself in your chose, so when you mentioned picking out exterior materials I thought, "Oh Lord this couple is REALLY BUILDING THEIR OWN HOME." :)

  3. You guys have so many exciting things going on! I will keep you guys in my thoughts for this round of IUI.

  4. ahhh.. so many exciting things going on for you this week! I love you attitude! I also had to quit going around treating my body as if I'm already pregnant. It has helped me cope I think.
    Thinking of you this week and hoping for EXCITING NEWS for both of you in February!

    **Thanks for pointing out I was a no-reply blogger!** :) Have a great weekend! I'm thinking about you!

  5. That front door is gorgeous!! Thinking of you guys and hoping for the best!!

  6. Hi Elena,
    I found you on the link up today. Good luck with IUI and I hope to hear an exciting announcement soon!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Love your quotes! Good luck with IUI! Also, love hearing about your house!

    Stopping by from the link up!

  8. WOW. Lots of great things happening for you right now girlfriend. All great of course.. wishing you luck in your pregnancy journey and a new house! So exciting!!!

  9. This is awesome! I didn't realize I was a no-reply blogger!!

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