Friday, January 03, 2014

NYE & 2014 so far...

I'm still amazed at how quickly this year & the holiday season went by.  I couldn't believe we were already celebrating New Years Eve this week & now we're on the 3rd day of January already.  Time, you can slow down anyyyy time now!!

Our NYE tradition for the last five years is going to dinner with my Aunt Nanette & Uncle Mike.  It started off just the four of us one year at Garzanelli's and has blossomed into going somewhere new every year & with a few other couples now.  Jen and Josh started coming with us a few years ago & now Jessica & Mike have decided to join.  My aunt's birthday is also NYE so that's always a little fun perk of going out as well. This year we decided to try Woody's Steak House in Ottawa.  We were really impressed with the food, but not so impressed with the slow service, however, it was NYE & they had a full house.  Luckily we really had no other places to be at any certain time so we just dealt with it and enjoyed ourselves.   

After dinner we headed back home to a local bar to continue the celebration.  I was not drinking (I actually had a couple of Kiddy Cocktails, I forgot how good those things were!) which wasn't a bad thing, but I was really tired, and it was freezing in the bar so I put on a brave face & made it til midnight.  I drove Jessica & Mike home then went back to the bar to pick up Joe.  I think we were home & in bed by about 12:30.  All in all it was a fun night.  New Years Day was spent in PJ's watching movies & episodes of Archer on Netflix, a very unproductive day.  

So far, three days in, 2014 has been pretty good to us.  It's actually been quite relaxing, I went home sick from work yesterday & decided to stay home today too to get some much needed rest.  Joe has a small project going on in our one and only bathroom (vent & new drywall on the ceiling) so the house has been an absolute disaster & continues to be until he finishes sanding (praying that's today!).  I can't wait to see the house back in order.  We did get the Christmas tree out yesterday, always a disaster when you have a real tree and a small doorway to pull it through.  Needle party!!!!  

I had some pretty big goals last year (view 2012 Year in Review post here), and unfortunately, I was not able to obtain my top two, but I have very high hopes that I will see both of my biggest dreams become realities this year.  

2014 Goals

One--Get pregnant.  Hands down, if I achieve nothing else this year, this is what I want most not only for myself but for Joe as well.  We have been on a 2.5 year long journey for this & we are ready for this to happen for us.  

Two--Build our house.  Phone calls are going to start this week to get our plans blue-printed, & some estimates rolling.  We are still waiting for our settlement, & still need to sell the house we are in, but our hope is to be able to continue living in our current home, getting the house almost completely built, then putting this one on the market.  

Three--Save more, spend less.  Joe and I decided that we wanted to start this 52 Week Money Challenge & we will both be contributing so we will have double the money.  It's such an easy and simple way to save up some cash.  It's not a huge amount, but it's not just chump change either.  This project starts today, pay day!

Four--Get back to the Gym & resume healthy eating.  I've been really slacking on both of these things since we started seeing the FS & I had surgery.  I just got really lazy, probably feeling bad for myself a bit, & kind of quit working out and cooking normally.  Joe even asked one day when I was going to start cooking dinner again.  I've been better at the cooking part, but still my gym bag sits in my office at work, untouched for about three weeks now.  This is one of my goals every year, but I want to make sure that I'm healthy for the sake of getting pregnant.  Healthy cooking will start up again tonight (no more take out every day of the weekend), & working out starts Monday (please, God!)

2014, be good to us!


  1. Great post, Elena. I hope you accomplish all of your goals this year. Happy 2014!

  2. I'm rooting for Goal #1 big time girl! It's gonna happen!

  3. I'm sure your house is going to get picked up fast for a swell price. It's good these things are all settling well. You'll have the year to yourself to piece the best way forward. It's really about strategy and learned planning. That's all there is to it.

    Blair @ Creb Now


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