Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  Ultrasound & 3rd IUI
Today is the day!  Our follow up ultrasound is this afternoon at 3 in Peoria.  They will check to see that the Gonal F did its job and stimulated some awesome follicles.  Last time we were at this stage we found out that we had over stimulated my ovaries and we had way too many follicles that were too large to trigger at the risk of multiple (and I’m talking 4-5) pregnancies!  I’m very hopeful that since we decreased the dosage that we should have a nice, small number of good sized follies.  We should be having the IUI either tomorrow in Rockford or Monday in Peoria if all goes well today!  Beyond hopeful that this will be it!

Two.  Birthday Weekend!
Not my birthday, but yesterday was my MIL’s birthday, today is my little SIL’s 21st BIRTHDAY! And tomorrow is my best friend Jen’s birthday!  Lots of wonderful bday’s this week.  Tonight after our appointment we will head back east to Bloomington from Peoria to celebrate my favorite little sis-in-law Delaney’s 21st!  I can’t believe that she is finally 21!  So grown up!  We are going to the hibachi grill for dinner then out to a few of my old favorite stops, Maggie Miley’s, Pub II, and Six Strings.  Looking forward to a little letting loose, let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into me thinking I’m 21! 

Three.  Staying Stress-free
My biggest goal, and biggest challenge this cycle is staying stress-free.  Reason being that it’s such big challenge is that we just have a lot going on with the two houses right now.  We are kind of in a limbo where nothing has been finalized or closed yet and it’s getting to be frustrating.  We are so ready to be out of the house we are in & so ready to start building our future home and at this point it’s all out of our hands.  Waiting on appraisals is like waiting for paint to dry, it’s slow and it’s boring, and there’s nothing you can do to help it along. Luckily the appraisal for the house were building has been ordered & the appraisal on the house we live in is scheduled for next week.  I need to remember to just let these gravity issues go so that I don’t put myself at risk to have another failed IUI. 

Four. Simply Beautiful Cremewear Blush
A couple weeks ago after a facial I bought one of these Simply Beautiful Creamwear Blushes from Skin Dimensions and I’m absolutely loving it.  If you’re not familiar with Simply Beautiful, it’s very comparable in quality & price to BareMinerals.  Afterglow is definitely my favorite shade, perfect for summer.  I love how it looks by itself or with another blush over top or bronzer, and it can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks!  Bonus, right now they are only $10!
Five.  Quest Bars
I’m sure I’m jumping on this bandwagon late, but I finally started buying Quest Bars and I’m loving them.  The double chocolate chip is my favorite, strawberry cheesecake is a close second.  With a whopping 20g+ of protein in each bar, these babies really make you feel full!   What’s your favorite flavor?

Happy Friday to all my lovely ladies!


  1. Happy birthday to your MIL and SIL!! Praying that today goes well for you, girlfriend!! xo

  2. Staying stress free..ugh. It's so hard to do..much easier said then done and I know everyone tells you "not to stress" while trying to get pregnant. It's so hard! I'm crossing my fingers that this works out for you. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hope your appt goes great today! Have a fun time celebrating everyone this weekend xoxo

  4. Good Luck at your apt.

  5. I hope you get good news at your appt today! I'll be thinking about you!!!

  6. I have a quest bar a day I love them so much, choc chip cookie dough is my fave and then double chocolate chip!

  7. OMG I'm so excited for you. Please let me know when it is I'll be praying for you.

  8. Happy Birthday to everybody! I'll be thinking about you this afternoon! Good luck girlie!

  9. Thinking of you today!! Hoping that some perfect follicles are just what the doctor ordered!!


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