Thursday, April 03, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

Decided last minute to join this link-up with Venus Trapped in Mars

1. My pug.
2. My husband (yeah these first few are the obvious ones).
3.  Vacations, especially cruises.
4. A glass of wine.
5.  When I get 2 pink Starburst's in the mini packs.
6.  Buying a new product like hairspray or make up and using it for the first time.
7. Nail polish.
8. The first cup of coffee in the morning.
9.  A clean car.
10. Skinny jeans.
11. My best friends.
12.  My pillow.
13.  A fountain soda.
14.  Going for a ride on the bike.
15. Family Guy
16.  Anyone who uses Anchorman quotes.
17.  GNO's
18.  Date nights.
19.  Tortalacci in cream sauce from Verucchis.
20.  My wedding ring.
21.  My phone.
22.  When I get my way...(c'mon that makes anyone happy!)
23. Shopping.
24.  Catchin' rays by the pool.
25.  Target.
26.  Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone.
27. Christmas!
28.  Getting surprise gifts, or unexpected packages in the mail.
29.  Scottish Eggs (if you don't know what these are then you're missing out)
31.  Our property where we're building.
32.  A slice of Hoop's pizza.


  1. So agree with all of these!! Especially 24-27!

  2. Your wedding ring is beautiful and I'm going to have to look up Scottish Eggs, that's something new I NEED to try asap.

  3. Most of what is on your list would be on mine. I agree with the pink starbust, skinny jeans, and clean car for sure!

  4. My husband used to make Scottish eggs all the time for his snacks! I agree with the starburst although for me it would have to be red


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