Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed like it lasted forever since I was off sick on Thursday and Friday.  I had a killer headache that I just couldn't seem to get rid of.  Finally Friday afternoon it started to subside.  I spent the days watching Rehab Addict laying on the couch with the dog.  Friday night Joe brought home dinner & we went to bed early, a typical Friday night for us.

Saturday I was finally ready to put on some make up, do my hair, and wear some real clothes.  I used my dual waver and I'm really happy about how my hair turned out and how quickly I was able to do it.  I can't wait til my hair gets a little bit longer, I think it will be even cuter! 

this is what Frank wanted to do Saturday morning

results of the Bed Head Dual Waver

My mom and I did our regular Saturday routine, grocery shopping and lunch, then we went to CNJ Style to pick up a new tank I had them hold for me.  I ended up getting some really cute earrings and my mom got me a fun top for my Easter basket.  

Saturday afternoon I spent the day hardcore hand washing my car, vacuuming out the mess that winter had left, the build up of salt and dirt and snow that had overtaken my interior.  I spent about an hour at the car wash but my car looks amazing.  For dinner we went to Wyanet to a place called Main Street Barbecue to celebrate my aunt's bday.  It's BYOB so we brought beer and makings for Moscow Mules.  Their food is soooo good, I love eating there.  Best pulled pork in the area!

Sunday morning we took a little ride on the bike to get a Chicago-style hot dog.  We had to pick my aunt and uncle up from the airport in Chicago from their trip to Italy so our afternoon was spent in the car... boo. I did make a pit stop at Pier One for a really cute outdoor hurricane lantern.  I have no patio to put it on at the time, but it will look amazing at our new house next Spring!

Today is my doctor's appointment for my baseline ultrasound!  I can't believe how quickly those two weeks went by.  We have so much going on I think it just distracted me from counting the days as closely as I normally would.  I really hope there are no other set backs this time.  I should be starting my injections later this week with IUI hopefully scheduled for next week.  So ready to do this!


  1. love your hair! it's so cute! and love that top!

  2. Your hair is super cute! Yay for the 2 weeks flying by for you! I'm sending lots of prayers and hugs your way today!

  3. Super cute hair!!!! Sending good vibes for a super positive ultrasound today!!!

  4. A barbecue place that is BYOB?? That is super fun!! And I'm loving your hair! xo

  5. Good luck with your baseline!!!! Cute hair...and your pics are making me hungry. Lol

  6. Hey girl, I'm thinking about you today and hoping to hear some good news from your ultrasound today! Love how your hair turned out!

  7. How cute is your beautiful hair?! I love it.

    I need to do extreme auto-detail like you did!

  8. Hope your feeling better! Love your hair like that! :)

  9. Oh my gosh. Frank. What a cute little blob, just like my whale of a cat Hobbes!

  10. Have I missed your review of the dual waver? I'm super interested to hear how it work! Your hair looks fab so that is definitely a good start!


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