Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  A Bump in the Road
If you read this post then you know the little set back that we are dealing with right now.  I am moving forward from it and trying to be positive about it.  My meds were shipped yesterday and after tonight I will only have 9 more BCP to take before the next appointment.  I'm planning on spending my weekend working on packing up the house to try and pass the time quickly.  We might also make a quick stop at Ikea after we drop off my relatives at the airport in Chicago.  It's been an extremely frustrating week, but every day I'm handling it better.  Prayers for a speedy 9 days!

Two.  A Sincere Thank You.
I have to take a minute to thank all of the wonderful ladies of blogland, Instagram, Facebook, my wonderful friends and family who shared some words of encouragement with me this week after our disappointing doctor visit.  Seriously, there are some amazingly sweet women out there who continue to help lift each other up as we face the struggles that come along with infertility.  You know who you are & I want to extend a heart-filled thank you to all for helping to brighten my days!

one of my IG girls shared this with me!! How perfect!

Three.  TTC Exchange Package
I got my package this week from my girl Heather & it was seriously so cute and thoughtful.  She is from Florida so she sent me a colorful piece of artwork with a yellow fin tuna on it.  The theme of the TTC Exchange this time was local love.  She did a great job!  She also included some candy, a change purse, a few treats for Frankie, The Little Book of Wisdom, some cocktail napkins, a fancy note pad, & of course an adorable card with some words of encouragement.  I couldn't be more proud to be part of this amazing community of women who coordinate these things (way to go Chels!), participate in them, and support each other on a level that only another woman going through a similar situation can understand. 

Four.  The House
We are about 99% sure that we have the house sold & we sold it to a local person so I feel really good about the entire thing.  We are going to start packing this weekend since we will be closing in roughly a month or so & start to move things to my parents house.  I can't believe how fast this is all happening!!

Five. Saddle Sore 
If you've been following along for awhile then you know that Joe and I do a lot of riding on the Harley.  We take it pretty much everywhere as soon as the weather permits us to do so.  Our standards for what we consider to be permissible weather-wise?   We've ridden as early as March and as late as November.  One of my favorite times to ride is when I have to get all bundled up in layers of leather.  One ride that we'd really like to do is called the Saddle Sore as recognized by the Iron Butt Association.  The Saddle Sore is 1000 miles ridden in a 24 hour period.  It can be tough when you have to stop roughly every 2 hours for gas, but we are up for the challenge are are hoping to do the ride before the next IUI and the start of our house.  I'm pretty excited and hope it works out since I probably won't have many other chances to do this once we have kids and a brand new house.  More to come on this!! 

Happy Weekend Ladies!!


  1. Selling the house could just be the jump start of a pattern of happy things!!! Fingers crosses! -Xo

  2. 99.9% whoop whoop crossing my fingers, little by little God is opening doors for you :)

  3. Happy Friday Elena! I love that picture about the cha-cha. That is such a brilliant way to think of it! I sure do hope the next 9 days fly by quickly for you! Congratulations on your 99.9% house sale! Our house has been listed for THREE MONTHS and still hasn't sold. Maybe I need to fire our realtor and hire you!! haha

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love your honesty. I've thought about you often the past few days. I'm hoping and praying for your cyst to be gone so you can start your new meds... and see a BFP soon!

  5. Sorry for your set back love. Hope the 9 days go back quickly...and congrats on (almost) selling your house. XOXO

  6. Don't know the story of the setback, new reader! But I hope you are on your way to a better week!

  7. Praying for you and your progress, girlfriend!!


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