Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind this last week was!  After our disappointing appointment on Monday all I could get myself to do was wish the days away.  Now it's already been a week, 7 BCP down and 7 more to go!  Seriously, it's so much easier to just accept what you can't change (love the serenity prayer!) and move forward.  It makes life so much easier when you just roll with the gravity issues.  I have no control over the fact that I ended up with a cyst, instead of being mad about it I decided I would just take the BCP, be thankful that it was found, and move on with my life.  The time is flying and it's not the end of the world.  A week from today I have my baseline ultrasound and will hopefully be able to start injections late next week with an IUI the following week.  Let's do this!

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye.  Friday afternoon we took the bike out for the first ride of the season.  My little cousin just bought his first bike & got his permit on Thursday so we were ready to get him out for a little cruise.  The weather was about 55-60 degrees so we layered up in leather and hit the road for a bit.  It felt amazing, it was definitely cold, but well worth it.  

Saturday we had to take some family members to the airport in Chicago for their trip to Italy.  Since we had to go that far we decided to stop at Ikea on the way home so that we could look at the bedroom set I found online.  I wanted to make sure it looked as good in person and that Joe liked it.  Joe has never been to an Ikea, especially on a Saturday afternoon in the Chicago suburbs.  He definitely hated every single person in the building, but he dealt with it while we looked everything over.  We ended up eating at Tilted Kilt (an Irish version of Hooters) which was really good.  I had a "hoppy hour" special it was $5 for 5 steak ka-bobs in a Sam Adams Boston Lager glaze.  So amazing.  Joe had a sunrise burger with an egg on it, also really good.

5 bucks for these!  Pretty much an entire steak.

Sunday I spent the entire day packing up the house.  I boxed up as much as I could, put some stuff on Facebook to sell & worked on getting things ready to be moved.  The house is so bare now!  We have a storage unit for now holding all of the furniture that we are keeping and all of the stuff we won't need while we are living at my parents.  I think we are going to end up being there longer than we originally anticipated, but I'm happy to be able to save a butt-load of money not having to pay utilities.  I'm very thankful to my parents that they aren't asking us for rent or anything like that.  I told my mom I would make dinner as often as I could since I normally cook 3-4 times a week at home.  Since it's just my mom and step-dad they don't cook for themselves very often so I think they'll be thankful for home cooked meals on a regular basis again.
terrible quality, but you get the idea, nothing left on the walls!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Seriously, Monday is almost already over!  Tonight our builder is coming over to work out some details, we sold our washer and dryer and they're coming to get it tonight & the rest of the week will be spent packing boxes and moving our lives!! Oy Vey!


  1. Girlfriend, you have so much going on... Id be going crazy!! You hold it together beautifully

  2. Wow! Time is flying by! You will be starting injenctions in no time flat!!! Yay!!!! Stay strong girlfriend! Cheers to another day down the hatch!! -xo

  3. You've got a lot going on girl! My thoughts are with you! I'm a new follower so I'm going to have some catching up to do! Looking forward to following along! Have a great week!

  4. You're such a busy gal! I'm impressed with your positive attitude. You're time is coming... I just KNOW it. I'm still hoping and praying for you and your miracle(s).


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