Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  House Showings
We had a house showing on Monday that went really well.  She seemed to really like the house a lot, but has not put hers on the market yet.  Our second showing was supposed to be Tuesday but they ended up canceling a few hours before hand.  Honestly, I was so tired from a long day at work, a headache, and fatigue, that I was kind of relieved.  I put ravs in broth on the stove and was really thankful for a relaxing night on the couch with some comfort food, my husband, and my dog.  We really exhausted ourselves last weekend and it was daylight savings so there is still some adjusting going on.

Two.  Provera
Tuesday was my "scheduled" day for AF to show.  Actually my cycle has been about six weeks rather than the typical four.  This is the first time in my entire life that I've had a cycle this long.  I'm waiting to start the Provera until Monday.  I'm going to try and naturally induce my period with hot baths, Vitamin C, and maybe even some baby dancing!?!

Three.  Will Call/St. Patty's Day Celebrations
Saturday is will call and it happens to fall on the night of St. Patty's day celebrations.  One of my favorite bands just happens to be playing at the winery.  They only play once a year, St. Patty's day weekend.  They dress in authentic Irish garb and play all kinds of traditional Irish songs.  They're amazing and so much fun! Also really looking forward to the new August Hill wine Ravat 51, its a dry white made from Illinois-grown Vignoles.  It sounds amazinggg!  Can't wait to try it!  Congrats to all the wonderful staff at August Hill, you guys rock!

Four.  GNO's
I'm lucky enough to have two GNO's this week.  One last night with my friend Jen.  She is like 35 weeks pregnant so we figured we better get one more in before baby Keegan comes!  It was a great bitch fest as we like to call it.  Lots of yummy carbs at an Italian restaurant called Verucchis, our favorite place.  Sunday I'm doing a day date with my girl Alicia.  I can't wait for mimosas and catch up with one of my all time favorite ladies!

Five.  House Building.
What an overwhelming task this has turned out to be (I know, I know, if I didn't think it wasn't going to be overwhelming then I wasn't thinking very well).  We have to have every nut, bolt, and washer picked out before the bank will even get an appraisal started so this entire week has been spent on Home Depot's website picking and printing.   Calling every contractor that we are going to need, plumbers, HVAC, concrete, well drillers, etc. to get estimates sent over ASAP.  It's been a busy, busy week.  On the  plus side we have pretty much everything picked out, on the downside, I think I chose a lot of it out of anxiety about picking things out!  I'll leave you with some inspiration.

yes please! 


  1. Despite the stressers, what a fun process to look back on...building your own home to yall's needs! I love it. And maybe I'm a sap, but I think there is something so romantic about that! :)

  2. I did not know warm showers helped, and I just can't wait to see your home. Have a happy and fun weekend.

  3. GNO is the absolute best. Especially when carbs are involved. And building your own home has to be surreal (and stressful) but mainly overwhelmingly exciting in all the good ways! Happy Weekend!! Xx.

  4. Well drillers!? That something I never would have even thought of. One day, my husband and I want o build a home...I guess I need to start making a list!
    And I just showed my husband that graphic about bleeding for a month. I really wish I could have gotten his reaction recorded. It was priceless!

    Following you on bloglovin and instagram now! :)

    - morg harp nich
    friday instagram link up at if you want to join! :)

    1. Yep, if you don't have water or sewer than you need a well and septic. The only utility we have at the property is electricity so we will have to have propane too. Our lot is outin the country, but most subdivisions will have water and sewer it just depends on where you want to live.

      Definitely got a good laugh myself out of that ecard!

      Thanks for following!! Happy weekend!

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