Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm off sick from work today.  I'm really hoping that I didn't catch what Joe had last week because it hit him for the entire week, I can't afford to have that many days off sick!  We have way too much to do, and actually I'm kind of wondering if I haven't overexerted myself and maybe that's why I'm under the weather.

I just recently started following Julie @ Just the Joy's and I love her latest post, ABC's.  It's just a simple way to get to know a little bit more about a person so here goes... 

A - Age: 27
B - Birthday: June 8 
C - Color: Blue, always has been always will be!
D - Drink: Moscow Mule

E - Eyes: Blue
F - Flashback: Vacation!  We usually go on a vacation every other year, but with house building starting soon, there are no vacations in the works.  Our next big one (we're hoping!) will be for our 5 year anniversary and my 30th (OMG!) birthday in 2016 to Tahiti.

G - Gent: My husband Joe!  
H - Hobby: Vacationing, camping, Harley-riding, wine-clubbing, blogging, gardening

I - Indulgence: Wine!
J - Job: Been at the gas/electric power company, Ameren, for 6 years.
K - Kiddos:  That's what this blog is all about!  Trying for kids!  Been on a TTC/Infertility Journey for about 2 1/2 years going on 3.  Hoping that THIS will be our year!
L - Love: My husband, my pug, a cup of coffee, a black and tan, my friends, my family...
M - Music: A little bit of everything, Country, Rock, Rap, Bluegrass, Techno, I like it all!
N - Nickname: Lena, or Rid
O - One Wish: To become a mom.  For this next IUI to work, to get pregnant, and have a healthy baby!
P - Pets: My pug, Frankie J, my little shadow, the heartbeat at my feet, my sweet potato.

Q - Quote: if you follow me on Instagram (@lenaridley) then you know I have an obsession with quotes... 
R - Residence:  So excited that this spring we will be starting to build our forever home.  We just sold the house that we are currently living in, we are in the process of moving back into my parents house until our house is built.  We are beyond thrilled to finally be starting this project.  We bought the property in 2010 and are finally making our dreams a reality.  We just hired our builder this week.  Our lot is 1.5 acres on the Little Vermillion River.  The subdivision only has one other home in it and it's been that way for years.  We are looking forward to the tranquility of the days and a sky filled with stars at night.  This is my front yard... 
S - Siblings: I have brother, Ben he's 22 and going to Grad school.  He will have a degree physics and engineering, he's disgustingly smart.  I have a step brother in his senior year of high school and two step sisters that I don't speak to... ever.
T - Temperature: I'm pretty f'in sick of this winter.  I prefer any weather that is warm enough that we can get on the bike and ride, and any weather that I can get my tan on in.  I love laying by the pool and catchin' some rays, but a cool fall night by the bon fire is also a favorite!
U - University: IVCC and ISU, graduated with a bachelors in English.
V - Vehicle: Currently driving a 2013 Ford Escape.  I've always been an SUV girl!
W - Worst Habit - I have the mouth of a sailor... but I love it.
X - X-Rays: I've had a ton of x-rays, mostly after our motorcycle accident.  I had 5 broken bones, 2 in my foot, my ankle, my tibial plateau in my knee which I eventually had major surgery on and now have 2 pins in my knee, and a chip in my pelvis.  The accident was not our fault, a man ran a red light and we t-boned him.  Joe ended up with 6 stitches.  I had all the broken bones, used crutches for 2 months, wore a brace for 4 months and has 8 months of physical therapy.  I'm not 100% recovered back to normal but I can walk, run, jump, and do just as much as I was able to before.  My leg looks different and has never gotten back to where it was originally as far as how muscular it was.  

Y - Yuck: Seafood, spiders or any bugs for that matter, the Twilight movies? lol.
Z - Zodiac: Gemini!


  1. This looks like fun :) You made me laugh with the Twilight Movies o_O I have them all hahah

  2. I die for your front yard. Over and over and over again.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Love learning more about you!
    - Hell yeah to the June birthday!
    - Jealous of your vacation planning to Tahiti! Sounds amazing!
    - I pray your wish comes true!!!!!
    - Your property is BEAUTIFUL!!! So excited for yall building a home!
    - Ditto on a sailor’s mouth & yucky seafood!! {We’re a lot a like in so many ways! Lol}
    - How scary about your accident! So glad your back to normal!

  4. Love this post!! I may just have to do an ABCs post too!

  5. This is great! I think I will have to do this sometime. Thanks for sharing more about you! The pictures were great!

  6. I love this! How fun. Loved learning more about you.


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