Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to all my lovely ladies!  Anyone else feeling like this today?  I'm so thankful for coffee!

I really wish the weekends didn't go by so damn fast!  It feels like the week flies and the weekend flies even faster! WTF?  

The plus side is that the weather is finally starting to get nicer here in Illinois.  The sun is out, and the temps are starting to climb ever so slightly.  We had perfect weather on Saturday.  Of course we had a ton of errands to run.  We stopped at CNJ Style & I ended up buying a super cute maxi dress & a fun tie-dye tank.  It was also Glycolic Saturday at Skin Dimensions so my mom and I went and got our complimentary peel.  My skin is so amazing right now.  Nothing like pampering yourself for FREE!!  I bought a fun new OPI nail polish, Dutch Tulips, since all products were 20% off too!

so in love with the tie dye tank (I got the aqua) and the dress!  C'mon summer!

Saturday night we stayed at Grand Bear Lodge in Utica.  It's seriously 5 minutes from our house, but we won the stay at a bar back in December and we finally got to use it.  It was so much fun.  It really felt like we were on vacation even though we were just a few miles from home.  We went in to Utica and went to August Hill for a flight, then a cocktail and appetizers at bar down the block called Canal Port.  Our friends Jessica and Mike ended up being at August Hill too so we went back there for a while to visit with them. 
Back at the hotel we decided we were hungry so we had dinner.  We decided on the mac-n-cheese pizza, it was so good, but soo filling!  We ordered Sam Adams Boston Lagers and got to keep the glasses too.  You can never have too many of those.  They're the 30th anniversary edition glass too so they're not the same as the originals that we got from the brewery last year.  After dinner we hit up the hot tub for a bit before calling it a night. 

Sunday we spent the day finishing up with the house.  Carpets are being shampooed today & we close on Wednesday!  Another chapter closing.  I will miss our little brick bungalow, but I'm happy to see it in a family-friends' hands.  I know he will take great care of it.  I'm glad to pass it along to someone I know.

Ready to see this month end.  It was a pretty tough one for us in terms of our infertility journey.  Deciding on IVF was something I never thought we would have to face.  Wednesday is our next appointment and IVF consultation.  I'm looking forward to making a solid plan & having a strong grasp on everything that we should expect and what we should be doing in preparation until July comes around.  I already feel very confident about this and feel as though we made the right decision.

Have a wonderful week everyone!! 


  1. sounds like a fab weekend - that nail polish is a gorgeous colour, and that maxi dress! so pretty!

  2. Fabulous date night in a free hotel stay, beautiful maxi dress, gorge nail polish and a relaxing facial!!!!! Sounds like a super fabulous weekend! Hope your meeting goes well this week with IVF!!!! Thinking of you! -hugs

  3. That tie dye tank is fabulous. Glad you had a great weekend. And right now I look like the first owl. I need my coffee lmao!!!

  4. Looks like a great weekend!!! Hope your appt goes great this week. Keep us updated xoxo

  5. I hope your appointment goes well this week! I love that positive attitude!

  6. Great dress & tank!! Love it!! (hoping all goes well!!)

  7. Eeek your consultation is almost here! Exciting things ahead!

  8. Sounds like you had a great time!! Great outfits by the way :) I think I may possibly have those same earrings, where did you find them? I think I found mine at a Charming Charlie, not sure if you have one of those where you live. Hope your appointment goes well :)

  9. We aren't at that point yet on having an IVF consult, but yay for moving forward and hopefully getting some good news here in the next few months :)

  10. Love that maxi! And that mac n cheese pizza looks amazing!!!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that tank and maxi dress! So pretty! And looks really comfy too! Mac n cheese pizza sounds odd yet delicious! :)


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