Thursday, March 19, 2015

Elena: A-Z

Totally stolen from Kristen!

A.      Attached or Single…
Attached to this guy since 2008!

B.      Best Friend…
I have 3 and they all have names that start with J’s, Jodie, Jessica, and Jen, and then there’s me, Elena.

Jodie, Jen, Elena, Jessica... blurry, but I love this pic from my bachelorette party!

C.      Cake or Pie…
Cake fo sheezy!  I love a good piece of cake, but it has to have buttercream frosting, none of that whip cream shit.  Although a good piece of lemon pie is also good!  This is like a trick question I think.

D.      Day of Choice…
Saturday, no work on that day or the next! Woohoo!  Fridaywould be my second choice.

E.       Essential Item…
A nail clipper or Burt’s Bees

F.       Favorite Color…
Blue, any variation.  Has been since I was like 4, and always will be.

G.     Gummy bears or worms… 
again, trick question?  BOTH.

H.      Home town…
Oglesby, Illinois

I.        Favorite Indulgence… 
Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone, Pizza, a good Moscow Mule, a new purse or shoes… I can keep going.

J.        January or July… 
I’m from Illinois so July for sure!  January is probably my least favorite month after February.

July just looks good on me! 
K.      Kids… 
You all know the answer to this question.

L.       Life isn't complete without… 
friends and family of course! And a nice glass of champagne.

M.    Memory you Cherish… 
my wedding day.

N.     Number of brothers/sisters…
one half bro, one step bro and 2 step sisters whom I don’t speak to.

O.     Oranges or Apples…  
I love Cuties but I also love Honeycrisps

P.      Pet Peeves…  
People leaving stuff where it doesn't belong, “a place for everything and everything in its place!”

If you've seen my Instagram or Pinterest then you know I’m obsessed with quotes, but probably my favorite is the one I use as my email signature at work:  Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future—John F. Kennedy

R.      Reasons to smile… 
building our dream home!  And my adorable little pug!

look at that mug!

S.       Season of Choice… 
Summer.  Hands down. 

T.       Tea or Coffee… 
Coffee, one cup a day.  Can’t stand tea.

U.     Unknown fact about me… 
I won Young Authors twice in grade school for stories that I had written.  One of them was based on a dream I had.  I've always loved to write!

V.      Vegetable… 
I've been obsessed with spiralizing lately so I will say at the moment, zucchini.

W.    Worst Habit… 
nail biting/picking… hence the nail clipper for my essential item.

X.      X-Ray or Ultrasound… 
The last time I had an x-ray, my leg was broken in 5 places and they wanted me bending and turning and pushing on it in order to get a good picture.  Ultrasounds, I’ve had many over the last year and a half of being treated by an RE, mostly vaginal which isn’t really fun at all.  I guess it depends on the situation!

You can see in this pic on the right that my knee is huge and my toes look like sausages.  I had 2 broken bones in my feet, the metatarsal that connects the toes to the foot, a bone in my ankle was broken, my tibial plateau was broken which I had surgery on 12 days after the accident, and now have 2 pins in my knee from and my pelvis had a chip in it so 5 broken bones total up my entire leg.  Joe had 6 stitches in his shin.

Y.       Your favorite trip… 
Although I really loved Bermuda so much in 2013, our 2011 cruise is my favorite trip because I got engaged!

Z.       Zodiac Sign… 
Gemini!  I’m a June baby!


  1. I absolutely love this post. I'm sorry but I have got to steal this!!! I hope you'll be able to read once I post!

  2. Yep, stealing this too! Need something to combat this writer's block I've got going on!

  3. oh my goodness, that x-ray sounds so painful, but obviously the whole thing was painful! ouch! that's so cool you won awards for writing, so neat! and how can you not stand tea? girl you crazy. haha just kidding. i can't stand cold tea, i only like it hot! love that Kennedy quote! so true :)

  4. I did one of these last year and loved it! May have to do it again!

  5. OMG girl... cant believe your leg was broken in so many different places. Glad that you've healed good... that looks painful!

  6. so fun! I love this post! But, your leg OMG! That looks so painful! Totally with you - I LOVE summer!

  7. Stealing!! :) These are fun once in awhile!

  8. Love that first picture; you two are adorable and look perfect together! Also, congrats on having your writing recognized, that's exciting! Do you have any desire to write a story in the future. Having my writing published is a bucket list item for me!

  9. Laughed so hard at "none of that whipped cream shit." So agree. Also, birthday cake remix is heaven. And now I wanna go get some.

  10. I told Kristen I was going to steal this post idea too! I love all of these things! The first picture of you and Joe is a really cute one! :) Cheers to lovin' summer and being Gemini's! :)

  11. This is such a cute post. J is a Gemini too and I always tell him he's bipolar because of his weird mood swings. Lol Now its going to be two Leos against one Gemini. I love writing too but I wrote better when I am given a theme/topic.

  12. Love this and I might totally steal this from you and Kristen! That leg break looks brutal! Glad you are ok now though! I dont like people leaving stuff where it doesnt belong either.


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