Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

One. Gone Campin’
We’ve had a serious obsession with tent camping lately. We went twice last weekend to our property. We bought a hammock, loaded up the cooler & our dog & headed down for some seriously hot and buggy camping. We have a pop up too, but there is just something about tent camping that we can’t get enough of. Obviously, because we are going again this weekend, but this time to the Indiana Dunes. We are loading up the bike with our tent, mattress, two pillows, two sleeping bags, a bag of clothes, & anything else we can fit, & hittin the road tomorrow afternoon. Sunday we are meeting up with my best friend (and sister in law!) to play in Lake Michigan and soak up some rays!

Two. Copper
Currently obsessed with this BBC production. We watched the first season on Netflix about a month ago and the new season just started. If you like shows with murder, sex, drinking, and drama, this show is for you. It is set in 1860s New York City during the American Civil War about an Irish immigrant cop who patrols the Five Points neighborhood. It’s on Sunday’s on BBC.

Three. Outdoor Running
Put me on a treadmill and I can run like a champ for having a bad knee/leg injury just over a year ago. Put me outside on the pavement… mmm I wouldn’t call myself a “champ” by any means. I joined a running clinic with my friend Jessica, it’s every Monday at 6pm for 9 weeks. It started 4 weeks ago. Each week the interval increases & we are asked to do “homework” twice a week. I’ve been pretty good about getting my two additional runs in every week, but mad props to anyone who can run on the pavement for extended periods of time.

Four. How She Rolls
So obsessed with this Chase Rice song that’s been playing constantly on Sirius XM. He is actually playing tonight in Chicago at the Windy City Smokeout BBQ fest and I’m kinda bummed he isn’t playing tomorrow night when we will be in the area!.

Five. Cruising Bottle
Ok this kind of goes along with the outdoor running because one of the leaders had this thing & I immediately decided I needed it. It’s a 12oz bottle that has a strap that you can wear in your hand with a zipper pouch for your iPod. It’s seriously adorable & it’s just enough water to get you through a good run without filling up your belly! Found at Wal-Mart for $7.77!


  1. I love tent camping,!! We usually go once or twice every summer. Havent gone yet this one tho.

  2. We have a pop up too, but there's just something about tent camping that a popup can't quite match!


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