Tuesday, July 16, 2013

weekend recap

Our original plan was to travel to the Indiana Dunes on Saturday morning, camp for the night, then my sister in law Jodie & her family were going to meet us to spend the day splashing around in Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, those plans changed when Joe found out he had to work Saturday (first Saturday in like 2 months!). So we revamped our plans & I’m kind of glad we did! First off, we heard Saturday morning that a six year old boy had to be rescued from being buried under 11 feet of sand for over two hours! Where were his parents?! I guess he was in an area that had been cordoned off too. He is so lucky to be alive, how scary that must’ve been for that little boy. Glad that he is ok.

After we heard that news, & that part of the park was closed, & with Joe having to work, we decided to just head to Jodie & Jon’s house in Lafayette instead. We didn’t end up leaving til around 4:30 in the evening, but it worked out well. It was a beautiful evening for a ride. We took 24, a 2 lane highway that runs through a ton of unique little towns. We didn’t end up getting to their house until 10 since Indiana is an hour ahead it put us there a little later than we wanted, but nonetheless, we had a couple beers, the kids were ball of energy so we watched them as they acrobated across the living room. We have such a blast watching them, I am in awe at how much they seem to grow each time I see them.

Sunday we made a whole mix of things for breakfast including cold pizza & pancakes. We decided to go a small water park only a couple minutes away from their house. It was a beautiful day & it wasn’t too packed. The guys entertained the kids for a while & Jodie and I hit the lazy river in a tandem intertube & soaked up the rays & chit chatted. Her and I tried to teach Jocelyn how to breathe through her nose under water. Kind of entertaining to say the least. Kids amaze me, especially Jocelyn, she is so fearless!

wallaby exhibit was awesome, they were SO close 

prairie dog exhibit... no prairie dogs, maybe too hot

funny monkey

the kids when we told them to "smile"

After the water park we went back to the house & cooked out shishkabobs and pasta salad, visited for a bit longer then decided about 5 we needed to start heading home. It was a hot ride home, but enjoyable. We were glad to be home & see Frankie.

Lots of fun memories made. We are so lucky to have them be so close now. It’s been years since I’ve been able to see my best friend for two weekends in a row! Probably since 2008 when Jon was in North Korea for a year and Jodie and kids lived here. They were just babies then. Now they’re riding bikes with no training wheels & learning to swim. It’s crazy how fast the time is just flying. I need to start thinking about Christmas presents!

playin in the pool a couple weeks ago

All in all, even though plans changed, they changed for the better & we had such a great weekend. Very blessed to have such amazing family and friends. It was quiet, relaxing, drama-free, tension-free, & commitment-free. We are always so busy and have so much going on every weekend, there are just some things that we have to say no to between weddings, birthdays, parties, concerts, it’s no wonder this year is going by so fast. It’s impossible to do it all. We will be celebrating our two year anniversary in just a couple short months. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this summer has in  store for us!  Adios!  I'll leave you with a couple more of my favorite pics.

best matron of honor you could sak for

coldest photoshoot of our lives to date

love this pic, would love to get an entire Ridley family pic like this!

Keegan wedding!  So glad they got to come home for this.

classy ladies

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