Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

One. Fall Clothing
Just purchased my first (of many I’m sure) fall sweaters from Apricot Lane Peoria & it is sooo cute!  They have a bunch of seriously adorable fall attire.  Lots of Aztec prints, colorful cardigans, and super cute wedges in cobalt blue, mocha, & rust.  How much more fall can you get than that??

Two. Florida Georgia Line
Completely OBSESSED with ‘Round Here and every other song on their album.  It’s 10 bucks on iTunes & totally worth it.  Hoping to get tickets to see them in Chi town on Halloween.  They’re really very easy on the eyes too.  I’ve been following them on Facebook for updates & pictures.  Love them.

Three.  Wedding Weekend
I mentioned this in another post earlier in the week, but I need to give another should out to one of my best friends Nate & his fiancé Dawn & my cousin Matt & his fiancé Lizzy.  We’re very sorry we have to miss Nate & Dawn’s wedding, they’re such a great couple & have the most adorable little guy Nolan.  Wish I could see him in his little tuxedo.  I wish them nothing but a life time of happiness!  Matt & Lizzy are getting married downtown Chicago & I’m super pumped to see how this wedding turns out.  I’m sure it will just be stunning!  We are going to have so much fun!  We’ve also got a wedding in August in Minnesota we are planning to make a bike trip out of it & another wedding in October (love fall weddings!).  Wedding bells are chiming in my head.

Four.  Garlic Parmesan Knots
Garlic Parmesan Knots.  I just decided to include the link to the recipe that I like.  She gives exact measurements which I don't use.  Since it's just Joe and I, I usually make two or three at a time as a side rather than the entire package.  Her pictures are awesome too!

Five. Tonight’s GNO at Brandy’s
Cannot wait for 6pm tonight.  Meeting up with a couple of my favorites, Jessica & Jen at Brandy’s for dinner & some major martinis.  Seriously, this place has THE best martini selection around.  Plus they carry August Hill wine, and if you want a bloody Mary, you’re getting half a meal in it, not to mention their food is pretty fabulous as well.  I haven’t seen Jen since the 4th of July fireworks in Hennepin & we haven’t had any girl time in months!  She just recently moved back to town while her and her husband and step daughter house hunt.  She’s living back at home with mom and dad & she’s lovin’ it.  We also love that she is so close to town rather than allll the way in Hennepin!  Taking full advantage of her being back home, starting with dinner and drinks tonight!  

Happy weekend everyone!

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