Sunday, July 21, 2013

weekend recap

This weekend consisted of lots of cold beer, country music, beautiful night rides on the bike, and some scary movie watchin' this afternoon.  

Friday afternoon I went to my aunts after work to take a dip in the pool and start my Friday off right by drinking my uncles beer while he was out working in the heat.  Joe even came after he got off work.  The heat has been so awful that even the pool water is over 90 degrees.  We decided last minute to head over to Lostant for Lostant Days so we could get a corndog & listen to 303, a local band and some friends of ours who are always a good time.  We were pretty disappointed that hardly anyone turned out to the festivities, but we had some awesome food & quite a few brews & a good time being the only two standing to watch the band. 

beautiful afternoon for a couple beers & the pool

Saturday was the Will Call event for August Hill winery that I wrote about in the Five on Friday post.  We ate a quick lunch at an Irish pub across from the winery (more corndogs!) then headed over to do a tasting and enjoy the pairing.  One of the best things that the winery offers is the August Hill Chill.  You can purchase the kit, and use it with any type of wine, preferably theirs, and they're perfect on a day like Saturday while we sat on the patio trying to prevent boob sweat.  The pairing was guacamole with either their Muscato or their Chardonel (Chardonnay), it was awesome together.  So yummy!

august hill chill!  I had a mix of the Vignoles & the Trapolino

how stinkin cute is their little succulent plant along with the little tasting glass & the little bowl of guac!?

After August Hill we headed to our friends house for a quick cookout then it was back to Lostant Days for Brushfire.  They're a country cover band, working on their own album, and they're amazing.  Not only do they play that current hits, they play Charlie Daniels, Garth Brooks, & even work artists like The Beatles, Metallica, and The Alleman Brothers and more into their songs.  It was a blast.  We celebrated my friend Laura's birthday, & my friend Cheyanne was home from her Jimmy Johns PR travels she's been doing.  It was such a great time.  We sang our hearts out, danced, drank, laughed, hugged, it was great to have us all back together again, it's been awhile since we've all gotten to hang out together.  Even though we didn't stay for more than a couple hours, it was so much fun.  

just a shot of me and my tan lines before we left & my hair got ruined by the bike :(

some of my favorite girls!  happy birthday Laura Lou!

Today I decided I wasn't going to get off the couch.  I did manage to get a shower in, started thinking about going to Target, but then decided I can go tomorrow after work when I'm already in town.  We left Frankie all alone for most of the weekend so he was happy I decided to snuggle with him on the couch.  Jessica and Mike came over around lunch time so the guys could work on a set of Beer Can Darts for some friends so Jessica and I walked to Caseys for a slice of pizza and a fountain soda & some candy, and some peanut butter chocolate covered rice krispy treats.  We always max out on food when we're together.  We decided to watch a scary movie, we picked Splinter.  Totally creepy & worth the watch.  I think we might try Evil Dead tonight after we throw some chops on the grill.  

Another weekend down, & not many more to go before summer is over.  I can't believe how close to August we already are.  I want to shout out a Happy Wedding Week to some of my favorite friends and family members who are getting married this Saturday, Nate & Dawn, I'm so sorry that we will have to miss your special day.  Nate you did such a great job, you guys have a beautiful son & a whole lifetime together now, I will always consider you one of my best friends!  And Matt & Lizzy, we are so excited to come and celebrate your wedding this weekend in Chicago!  We are going to have a BLAST!  SO SO happy for two of my favorite couples to finally be tying the knot!

me and Nate!  Happy wedding week!  (yes I am hella sun burnt in this pic)

.how cute are these two! (stole this from you Lizzy!)

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