Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  TGIF!  What a week it has been.  Soo much going on in our lives right now, I'm really surprised that my head isn't spinning yet!

Favorite Moment:
Hands down, the progress on the house has been amazing!

Other honorable mentions:
got some samples of doTERRA essential oils from a family member & I'm loving them so far.  Especially love the Serenity at bedtime!

I had some acupuncture done this week & it was a great experience!  Can't wait for more!

Lastly, I started my Lupron injections on Thursday for my FET.  I have to take these shots for roughly 19 days so I have a long way to go, but I'm glad I am making some progress!

Favorite Pin:
so perfect for fall!

Favorite Recipe:
This BLT pasta salad was amazing!

Things I'm looking forward to:
Motley Crue and Alice Cooper concert tonight!

Favorite Funnies:
Ok, I'm cheating this week.  I had very little time this week to get this post drafted up so I'm using collages of funnies that are already put together for me... thanks to whomever did these! 

pretty sure I've used this one before, but it rocks!

Happy Friday!


  1. Ok that first gif this early in the morning is not cool. Not cool at all. Congrats on the house progress! It's coming along great! And I made that pasta a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed! It's SO good! Happy weekend boo!

    <3, Pamela

  2. How exciting on the house progress. I have been wanting to try some essential oils, I've heard tons of good things about them. Hope you enjoy the concert and have an awesome weekend!

  3. oh my gosh the house is really coming along!! omg i love that last funny, so how i feel when i see that lol

  4. Wow, so much progress on the house. I feel like it is really coming together so quickly! Love essential oils! So many uses! Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Your house is coming right along! I can't wait to see it done :) I'm in love with that flannel shirt, I want. Happy weekend girl!

  6. Love seeing the house progress - how fun!!!! So glad you are loving your oils girl!!!

  7. This house is looking amazing! Great progress.

  8. It's always fun seeing build homes progress. Can't wait to see the end results...should be fun!

  9. Yay for house progress! 19 days, the countdown is on! Sending you good vibes!

  10. Your house is really coming along, how exciting!! I may have to try the oils at some point too :) Glad to hear things are moving along with the FET.

  11. I absolutely love seeing the progress on your house! It's so amazing! I know it's stressful to you but it really is great to see it all come together so fast! Yay for 19 days left of your injections! It will fly by! I've been slowly starting to buy more doterra oils! I just ordered Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender. You'll have to let me know which ones you like and don't like! Have a fun weekend!

  12. your house looks amazing! look at all that progress, I can't wait to keep seeing these updates! So exciting!

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  14. Ha that last collage is the best! That was pretty much my reaction when I saw that movie, team Jacob! (sorry my inner nerd just surfaced there)

  15. hahaha oh man that collage was awesome! House is looking pretty cool...can't wait to follow along through the end with you :) have a good weekend!

  16. Woo Hoo, Lupron shots. I start my soon, but I haven't gotten my official calendar yet. GRR. They need to hurry up and make it. I am getting antsy over here. By the way, that exorcist gif if AWFUL haha

  17. OMG how was the Motley Crue and Alice Cooper show!? I saw the Crue with Kiss a few years ago and they were AMAZING! I looove me some Tommy Lee!!! :)

  18. I loved seeing those pics of you two on your Insta from the concert! I need to catch up and read about your acupuncture I am so interested in it!


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