Friday, August 01, 2014

friday favorites

Boy, it feels good to be back after my absence last Friday. I just couldn't get myself to muster up a post last Friday… there were no “favorite moments” for me last week, & let’s be honest, Friday Favorite’s posts are supposed to be fun & happy, not sad & depressed so I decided to spare everyone my sorrow. I’m feeling better as time moves on and I've had a better week so here we go…

seriously, happy, sad, and hormonal is my norm anymore! #infertilityproblems

Favorite Moment:
Getting my next cycle & transfer scheduled, DUH!?
Also, we've made some really good progress on the house this week. The plumber got all of his stuff in the basement and the basement walls have been poured. The garage foundation is in the works & framing should be starting shortly! Lots of progress being made quickly!

Favorite Recipe:
Since living back at home I haven’t really been making anything new, we kind of all share the cooking responsibilities so I don’t cook as often either, but this week I wanted to give THIS recipe from Classy Clutter for garlic Parmesan crusted chicken a try.

Favorite Pin:

Favorite Thing I’m looking forward to:
We've got another low-key weekend this weekend & I've got to admit, it’s nice. We do have some plans on Saturday with some friends in the afternoon, just a little cookout/afternoon house party while Mark Day’s is going on, then that evening we have dinner plans with another couple, but other than that, it’s pretty quiet. Going to try to get some best friend time in with Jessica on Sunday, probably spend the afternoon at the winery catching up on life.
I get to see this cutie on Saturday!!

Favorite TV Show:
If you’ve been reading along for a while you all know I’m a huge FX fan. All of their TV shows are great. The second season of The Bridge has just started and if you’re not watching it, you should be. Especially if you like some gore, some thrill, and some drama.

Least Favorite Moment:
This. This is on the inside of my fabulous Kate Spade bag. What is it you ask? It’s the lip balm from my first Ipsy bag. Luckily, the mess is on the inside of the purse in the zipper pouch so no one will ever see it, but I noticed it at work and had nothing to clean it with except for good old fashioned soap and water. It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it definitely sucks. I guess I can’t have nice things.

Favorite Funnies:
every damn day baby....

looking forward to some best friend time this weekend!

Yeah, I didn't eat it 3 days this week... #guilty

probably need to teach Frank how to do this...


why the hell else would I bake cookies??


  1. Ok, obsessed with your favorite pin. I had to pin it as well! And I know exactly how you feel about the lipstick and the bag. That happened to me with my Michael Kors bag and instead of lipstick it was black eyeliner. SO sad. I tried everything to get it out but it just wasn't happening. Hope you have a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I'm glad you are back this Friday after a better week! BFF is going to be great and hopefully just what you need! Love the pic about the push up...ain't that the truth!

  3. Going to need to try that chicken recipe! And that cookie dough meme is perfect! I made cookies with Liam for the first time this week and he saw me lick the bowl, so be kept saying "I try" as he snuck his little fingers in there!

  4. Love this! Congrats on your transfer date! We struggle with infertility too and while a specialist isn't in our financial ability, we're hopeful. My doc has me on my last round of meds. Praying it works. Good luck!

  5. That Pinterest outfit, LOVE! UGH that sucks about your purse, so sorry :(

  6. That chicken looks delish. Also looks like it's going to make my dinner menu for next week! thanks for sharing!

  7. Low key weekends are THE best - hope you enjoy it!! Ugh - your bag - mine all look the SAME way! I always buy cheap lip stuff and it gets all over - the car, my purses, the counter - what a mess!

  8. Love garlic and love parmesan... so I'm pretty sure garlic parmesan crusted chicken would be a huge hit with me!!

  9. Find that romper and BUY it!!! So so cute! If you find out how to train Frank to do that, lemme know, I'll need instructions!!!

  10. I love the push up and pizza funnies! Both are so me! Sorry bout the Kate spade....

  11. I love that dress/romper or whatever it is that you pinned! So pretty! That chicken sounds delicous! Yay for all the progress on the house! It's amazing how fast it all happens!

  12. oh your poor bag! that sucks. i hate when that happens. that is why i dont spend a lot of money on things, because shit like that happens to me allll the time. yay for house progress!

  13. I have had that happen with lip gloss too, thank goodness it is only on the inside!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Awe your bag!! Maybe you can soak it in detergent since you are able to turn it inside out? Just the lining that is. Hope you had a nice low key weekend and glad things are better for you this week. Hang in there lady, you're moment is coming no doubt!

  15. My heart broke for you last week. I couldn't believe it. But I am so thankful to see that you are pushing along - continuing with treatments and good progress on your house. Keep that positive outlook. I keep you in prayers girl. Love you to death.


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