Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Faves

Apparently last Friday some of the early morning readers were not fans of the Exorcist gif being the first thing they saw at the top of the post so, let me apologize in advance and give you this….

yeah Ryan Gosling removing his shirt... that'll make your Friday! This is for you Pamela!  No more scary gifs!

Okay, who else's blogger looks like this?!?

This post is all sorts of random today... Today is my baseline ultrasound appointment followed by my 2nd acupuncture appointment, we are having Olive Garden for my co-workers 20th anniversary and then I get to take the afternoon off so it should be a good day.

Favorite Moment:
Construction is moving along fabulously now.  I can’t believe how quick it’s going up.  This week it really started taking the shape of a house. 

 Least Favorite Moment:
If you follow me on Instagram then you saw this photo of my car.  I was already having a bad day, and it got progressively worse after I worked out.  I was on my way home and a lady took a left hand turn… into the side of my car.  We are both OK, she had insurance and felt horrible, it’s just a pain in the ass!

Favorite Workout:
I hit Curves pretty hard this week.  This is my first week back since July, I went 3 days, and probably would've went all 5 if I didn't have commitments after work yesterday and today.

Favorite Pin:
pretty sure I need to make these right meow!

Favorite Quote:
Robin Williams’ passing really made this quote speak to me even more than it already has in the past.  I wanted to touch on this for just a brief minute because he was truly a legend and one of my favorite actors since childhood because of movies like Aladdin and The Birdcage.  His suicide is real proof of this quote; that we really don’t know the battles people are fighting deep down.  One of the funniest, most well-known comedians in the world was battling depression.  You would never think someone with such a happy demeanor who made others laugh for a living could be in such a dark place.  The severity of his depression  was so bad that he decided to take his own life.  I can’t even fathom making a decision like that.  My heart goes out to his entire family and everyone whose lives were touched by him.

Favorite thing I’m looking forward to:
My bestie is hosting a Stock the Bar party on Saturday for a couple friends of ours that are getting married.  It should be a good time.  We’re doing a beer and wine tasting and cooking out!  Can’t wait to get my drink on after the week I've had!

Favorite Funnies:

RIP Robin Williams!


  1. How exciting about your home! You can definitely see it taking shape! Happy Friday!

  2. Hahaha ok the exorcist gif was super creepy but now I almost didn't make it past the Ryan Gossling gif... how can you continue to scroll with all of that going on? ;) OMG funnel cake bites? <--- Yup I found out how I can get past Ryan! Dang girl, look how awesome your house is looking! Love it! And again, really glad you were ok from that car accident! SO scary! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  3. oh my gosh your house is really really coming along, i cant wait to see the inside start happening!
    olive garden... yummmmm... hahaha forever 39, yes please. a stock the bar party is so smart, and fun! have a great weekend :)

  4. So envious of your house building adventure, it's really coming along! Good luck with your appointment!

  5. Ooh the house really is coming along! Can't wait to see it finished! And good luck at your ultrasound, I hope everything goes perfectly this cycle. I am considering doing some acupuncture... It is still just a thought but something I might pursue.

  6. Yay for house progress! That is really exciting. I love that Wine and Yoga pants ecard. The stories about RW that have rolled in this week have had me tearing up. It's so sad. Have a good weekend!

  7. The house looks amazing! Sorry to hear about the car accident - sucks!! Have a great time at that awesome party!!

  8. Much better pic to start off with ;) Funnel cake bites?! YUM! Your house is going to be done in no time, can't wait for a tour! Happy Friday!

  9. Good luck at your apt today! Love seeing the house progress, it's going to be so beautiful when it is all complete!

  10. You must be SO flippin' excited seeing the house progress so much!! But omg your car!! I'm so sorry :(. Those funnel cake bites will make EVERYTHING better I'm sure. :D That quote is seriously my favorite though. It's so true! Everyone is fighting battles in one way or another and it's so important to realize that. TGIF!!

  11. Your house progress is soooo exciting!!!! Oh that gif.....definitely stayed up longer than it probably should have ;-) Glad you are okay but seriously how annoying are accidents!

  12. Yay for house progress!! I have never heard of a "stock the bar" party, but sounds like a wonderful idea!

  13. It must be so exciting to see your house coming together! Love it!

  14. Love the house progress! It's moving along so fast! Pretty soon you'll be doing the fun part of decorating the inside! :) So sorry to hear about your accident! I'm glad you were okay though! I hope your ultrasound went well today and you had a good afternoon off!

  15. Congrats on the construction of your new house! Thats so exciting. I love funnel cakes and those little bites look amazing. Have a great weekend.

  16. Glad to hear the accident wasn't major. Dealing with insurance stuff is a PITA. The house is looking great! Hope ur baseline comes out great.

  17. I love that quote you posted - I think it's so true. We have NO idea what others are going for! As far as your house, holy moly - is it going crazy fast or what? I don't really know what normal timeline is, but it seems like each picture you post they do SO much!!

  18. Those funnies are greatness!! especially the bacon one. Good lord too good! Your house looks amazing and I love seeing all the progress photos!!


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