Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone!  I think that last week’s Ryan taking his shirt off gif was just what everyone needs on a Friday morning to get us through that last day of work so without further ado…

Favorite Moment:
I’m going to start sounding like a broken record if I haven’t already… house progress, duh!  It’s coming along so quickly still I just can’t believe it.  I can’t tell you how surreal it is to have the plans that my husband hand drew 3 years ago finally come to life. 

Favorite Recipe:
I've shared this post before for homemade cream of chicken and this is one of the recipes I use it in on the reg.  This is the easiest ever chicken pot pie recipe I've ever come across and I have to share.  Ps. it’s great for a cool fall day or a really cold winter day.  Warms ya right up!

1 refrigerated pie crust
1 can mixed veggies
2 batches of homemade cream of chicken (or canned if you like all those ingredients you can’t pronounce)
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts cooked & shredded—Ps. If you have a standing mixer with a paddle attachment, throw your chicken breasts in while still hot and let her rip, it’ll shred the chicken like a charm.

For the Pie:
Follow the directions of your pie crust for cooking temperature & preparation.  Mix the double batch of cream of chicken, chicken breast, and mixed veggies in a bowl.  Add the mixture to the pie crust & bake according to the directions of your pie crust.  And BOOM, you’re done.  So easy! So delish!  And if you’re really feeling like Betty Crocker, you can make your own pie crust if you’ve got that kind of time!

Favorite Snack:
You'll jump right off the healthy bandwagon with these babies.

Favorite Pin:
of course the pin leads nowhere, doesn't this just look perfect?

Favorite Quote: 

Favorite Thing I’m looking forward to:
Our FET is less than 2 weeks away now & I’m really excited & ready for this to finally work!  I haven’t been as stringent with my diet as last time as I’m still drinking caffeine, but other than that I’ve been watching what I eat, exercising regularly, and doing acupuncture.  I’ve been trying not to think too much about that “what if” as in “what if it doesn’t work again” it’s really hard not to though.  All I’m going to say is that if it doesn’t then I imagine maybe a break from all the hormones and doctors and a few months of the good ole’ trying naturally at least maybe until next year.  Let’s face it, next year IS NOT that far away now!  But, I’m feeling really good about this cycle, maybe even better than our first cycle.  Now that I know the quality of our frosties (all A+) and the possibility of assisted hatching, I’m hopeful that this will work this time.  Not having to take as much medication & the relief of some of the initial stress from the house has really helped a lot over the last few weeks, hopefully these are all good signs!

Ok, this was too long of a post…

Favorite Funnies:
seriously, in my rental car, this IS my struggle!

who's with me on this?

best looking salad ever!

I can't even find Joe, let alone ELENA!


ummm.... that's like a legit skill right there



  1. Ugg Zac Effron best abs ever lol, I would tell my hubs how sad it was that my name isn't in the Coke bottles he said "put it this way your name is kinda unique" so there you go mama we are special bahaha just kidding. Wishing you all the good luck and best vibes ever on this cycle for you. Have a great weekend xoxo

  2. Yeah, you officially just topped Ryan girl. You gotta stop doing that or I'm not going to get ANY work done!! ;) j/k! Your house is looking awesome! Yes, to that "salad". That's my kind of salad haha! And Coke didn't make a bottle with my name on it. Jerks. LOVE that pug gif! Happy Friday!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Love seeing the house progress -that must be so exciting!!! Coke most definitely did not make a bottle with my name on it - nor will anyone ever!! That first funny is so true - I remember trying to figure out what CD I wanted to listen to in entirety!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm 100% certain I will never find my name so I'm with ya on this! haha I love the pug stinkin cute!!

  5. Sending good vibes to you for your transfer coming up! I want some of that salad! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Love that they are all A+!!!! It's going to be here SO quick - super pumped for you friend! Happy Friday xoxo

  7. Um you had me at Zac Efron. Thanks for that one. :) Fingers crossed for your FET!

  8. Loving all your Friday favorites! That pie and then Reese's to follow just make that a meal;)

  9. LOVE that outfit pin so much! Those Reese's looks amazing, I want to try one for sure :)

  10. I suddenly forgot how to read when I saw that 1st gif.. and now there's drool on my keyboard.

  11. It's going to work!! Positive thinking. (: Feeling excited and hopeful is what eases my mind. Goodluck!

  12. Your house looks great! Same with that Reese's treat and that cute outfit!!

  13. The outfit pin is outstanding!! And in the icebox of an office I work in, I could probably pull it off all year round! Oh and after ogling Zac, I promptly googled his age and I only feel marginally like a cougar!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  14. Love the quote. It's easy to forget self care. Also looking forward to hearing great news about the transfer. Lifting you guys up. I go for a progesterone check today. 1 more week to see if the meds helped us out enough to get a little babe. Happy Friday!

  15. Funny, funny stuff! Thanks for this, just what I needed this Friday. xoxo (LOVE the house progress!)

  16. I saw you post about that ice cream thingy on Instagram recently and I decided that I need to go on a hunt to find one. LOOKS AMAZFEST.

  17. I still have a CD case like that! I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of it.

  18. That pin makes me so excited for fall clothes!

  19. Yay for the house profress and FET! I pray pray pray that this transfer works!! :) Those reese's snacks look amazing! :)

  20. Outfit pins to nowhere drive me batty!!!!!! You are in my thoughts girl! xoxoxo


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