Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Faves

Woohoo it’s Friday and it’s a long weekend!  Here’s your weekly dose of shirtless men…
A little Thor action for you this morning

Favorite Moment:
I had a great doctor’s appointment earlier this week along with another acupuncture appointment.  We are right on track for our transfer next Thursday!  Can’t believe that we’re almost there.  They said that my lining looked great.  I finished up with my Lupron injections today & I start PIO injections tomorrow (the oil shots that have to be given in the upper outer quarter of my butt) which I’m not looking forward to.  Things are continuing to progress with the house as well.  Our builder should be done by next week with his part, we should be seeing the doors and windows put in next week which I cannot wait for!  Joe got our corner tub & the knee-wall for our kitchen island framed up this week.  So exciting!

Also, just wanted to share my feature on the TTC Sisters website from Wednesday.  I love this community and the way that we can all come together to support each other.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Favorite Pin:
love me a tight pair of destroyed skinnies

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Recipe:
Wednesday I made chicken and spinach stuffed shells, & made this recipe for skinny alfredo sauce.  I also used Greek Cream Cheese instead of regular cream cheese to reduce the amount of fat in the recipe.  This stuff has 4 times the protein and half the fat of the regular stuff!  You'll also reduce the fat by using the olive oil in the sauce rather than butter & it's just as good!  

Favorite Online Purchase:
Ok, I know, I’m supposed to start changing my spending habits, but when I see fringe, I fall, hard.  Thanks to Amanda's awesome loving lately post she shared this adorable Steve Madden Bmocha bag & I just had to have it.  I thought the price at $68 was great until I Googled “Steve Madden coupons” and found a 15% off!  Got it for $57 bucks!  I ended up getting in grey, my go-to color for purses and boots.  I think I’m now set for my fall & winter bags since I got this one from Just Fab a week or so ago. 
Favorite Funnies:


Love these two!

haha! if only! ;-)

This is my "it's a 3-day weekend & I'm pumped!" dance


  1. LOL all of your Friday funnies were awesome!!! And love your new purse! LOVE! Happy Friday doll!

    <3, Pamela

  2. girl! link up with us! you have to. i'm bossy. plus i love reading your posts and those gals will too! those skinnies. get me in them. adore.

  3. Thanks for the early morning laughs! And I'm loving that fringe purse - great find!

  4. That purse is hot! Your funnies always makes my day that's why I had to at least try the link lol.

  5. I could watch the Thor gif, and the aerobic guys gif all day. Hilarious. :) Thanks for the morning laughs!

  6. I've recently started acupuncture treatments too and love how they are making me feel. Good luck with everything, hope you have a great weekend!

  7. So happy to hear your appt went great! And next Thursday?! That's so soon! All my prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way!

  8. Your funny section always gets me cracking up, and I've never seen some of those! Have a great weekend!

  9. These posts just light up my day! So glad your appointment went great! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  10. Cracking up at that last gif, get it boys! Woo hoo for next week!! Happy weekend girl :)

  11. I'm seriously laughing at my desk like a lunatic right now. Thank you so much for that! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped you found that purse and at a discount....oh and in grey that is my favorite as well! I think I may need to scoop that up thanks for the heads up! Sending you lots of positive energy!! xoxoxo

  12. Next Thursday! So excited for you! Hope you have a great long weekend and rest up before you get pregnant ;) xoxo

  13. Haha you always make me laugh. Sounds like this was a good week, so happy everything is moving along smoothly for your transfer and your new home! Have a great weekend :)

  14. Glad everything went well at ur appt. Thursday will be here before u know it.

  15. EXCITED for you!!! I hope Thursday gets here speedy quick for you :) My first appt since starting Lurpon is on Friday, so I'm also excited for late next week!

  16. LOL at all of those funnies - I pinned a lot of them! Ha! And mmmm, Thor!!

  17. sup Thor. lol. love the modern family shout thing haha. so funny! good luck girly, so excited for you!


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