Wednesday, August 06, 2014

July Favorites!

Make Me Up Mia
Thank you to the lovely Mia at Make Me Up Mia for hosting!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the summer is flying for just about everyone!  Every blog that I’ve read has mentioned how fast the time is going… it really is sad!  I miss when I was a kid and we had summers off and they felt like an eternity.  They say it’s because as you get older you learn the concept of time and that life really is short.  What a horrible lesson!

July was a tough month since we learned that our first cycle of IVF did not work, but there were some really good memories too & I discovered some of my new favorite products thanks to things like IPSY bags!

One.  Ipsy bags!
I’m so glad that I finally decided to join one of these killer affordable monthly make-up subscriptions.  I’m one bag in so I don’t have a lot to go on, but I was really happy with what I got.  The bag was just adorable, and all of the products were spot on except for the beach spray—not meant for people with straight hair!

Not sure if you guys know this, but Illinois recently put a ban on face washes containing plastic granules because they are bad for the environment and pollute the water.  Way to go Illinois!  I knew nothing about it until I read THIS ARTICLE.  So I’ve officially began boycotting any products with plastic beads in them.  I found this Pacifica face wash at Target and I love it.  It smells like the beach, its vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free, and works like a charm!

Three.  Dessert flavored Skittles
My TTC sister Jenna sent me these in a TTC care package and they are so good!  Definitely my new fave!

Last month I raved about the SuperGoop! sunscreen, well this month I’m raving about their CC cream.  It’s fabulous!  I love the coverage & the feel of it.  It goes on really well, either stippled on with a beauty blender or stipple brush or with your hands, & it lasts all day too!  I actually use a primer before I apply it because it can be a beast to get off!

Five.  The sunflower field
I am sooo glad that we made it to see the sunflowers at Matthiessen state park.  They were so beautiful.  I kept seeing pretty much everyone on Facebook posting pictures and I just had to check it out for myself!

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the photo of this already.  I had mentioned it on a Friday Favorites post too, but once I finally got the real thing I was ecstatic.  It got a ton of likes on Instagram too so I know that I made a good decision.  It was quite the investment, over $650, but well worth it!

My list of favorites is short from July.  With everything that we had going on we barely had time to do much of anything except for focus on our first cycle of IVF.  We have some exciting stuff coming up in August so hopefully next month will be filled with a lot more excitement!


  1. Well thank you pretty girl for joining in with us, I LOVE reading monthly fave posts :) Ipsy rocks! I am definitely going to have to remember that face wash, I think I'd love that. That sink is stalking me! You shared it, it's popping up everywhere I go on the internet, my husband pinned it, it's seriously everywhere. I think it's a sign we need it to haha. Have a great day girl!

  2. I totally agree about beach spray and straight hair. I used some on my hair and it made it so gross! I haven't tried dessert Skittles but they sound amazing!!! And absolutely obsessed with your sink! Totally worth it in my opinion and I can't wait to see it when your house is finished!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Hi there! New follower from the linkup. This month was my first ipsy bag too and I agree with the beach spray. Not a fan. Loving copper home accents right now though!

  4. Dessert flavored Skittles?! I saw the pink bag thing but I didnt let myself go up to them because I LOVE skittles. Now I have to get them. I don't think I would dig the beach spray either, womp womp. Hope August is a fabulous month for you girly!

  5. I'm gonna have to try that face wash! Seems right up my ally. The fact that it is sulfate free, sings to my heart for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I get Birchbox and I got the Supergoop in my box. I love wearing it to the beach because the sunscreen level is great and I at least feel like I'm not totally naked faced! Haha!

  7. Skittles and sunflowers, right up my alley! I'll have to look into the ipsy bags!

  8. Oooh that sunflower field! I'm tempted to make it my desktop background! haha! :) I think I need those skittles like right now! :) I agree, it's so sad how fast time is flying! I just said to my GF last night, why can't we be kids again and play in the streets untiil the street lights come on?! ;)

  9. I've seen so many women loving Ipsy! Looks like you get some great things each month.
    I love that sink. Gorg!
    Those sunflower fields, oh my word! Absolutely breathtaking!
    And I heart Skittles. I'll have to check those out on my next trip to the store (or more likely Target).

  10. that sink! Love it! -also, must try the CC cream!

  11. I have been DYING to do ipsy bag! I haven't been able to justify it yet--but I might take the plunge eventually! Also? That sink is to die for! Cute blog--excited to follow along!

  12. That beach spray was horrible wasn't it!? So with you on the dessert flavoured Skittles, gone through more than a few bags of those already...

  13. I look forward to my Birchbox each and every month-it's a sickness! Love the sink...will have to think of it for the next house we work on!

  14. Same here! I have super straight hair so I totally couldn't use the beach spray that Ipsy sent me. And those Skittles are awesome! I love them :) Thanks for linking up!!

  15. Dessert skittles? I had no idea those existed. Sounds pretty delicious though...


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